Autistic Chores

Hey there everyone. This morning I went to the grocery store. For those of you who don’t not have the patience to use coupons, I suggest you put yourself in my shoes. Fixed income, with 3 kids, blah, blah, blah. Yea I know right. Tough Shit. But I make it work. San Francisco grocery stores are very expensive so, for $60 I was able to get 7 bags of groceries(the 7th is in my other hand)

Most importantly, I’m teaching my autistic son’s that they have to work hard to get what they want in life. Disability or not, you are a valuable commodity in life and in my heart so they need my discipline. Some people say I’m too hard on them. I disagree. I don’t see their disability (mainly because I’m their dad) but what I see is two young men who want to do things but don’t know how to ask. Here’s a video below to illustrate exactly what illustrated talking about. Thank you for stopping by



  1. I am right there with you. There is a difference (sometimes a fine line) between my son’s melt downs and defiance. It is learning which is which and teaching him and myself to deal accordingly.

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    • Right? Kids on the spectrum are very cunning, they can use their powers to manipulate. Yes I said powers, lmao they know what they are doing. I don’t fall for it. Not anymore. It’s kind of like how you as a parent, knows your child cries. There are different types of cries. And you know when there is pain. You know when there is confusion. You know when there is hurt or guilt or even shame.

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    • Thanks Eddie. Lmao yea naszir is persistent especially when he just wakes up. His brother is more on the milder side of the autistic spectrum whereas Naszir is more moderate. I’m trying to teach them about Africa.

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  2. Strong lesson. From the stuff I have read and watched of you with your sons, you are a strong disciplinarian – which is very important. The world is cruel and will not go easy on them by any means – so it is best to introduce some structure while they are home. I find that this is missing in most cases of parenting nowadays. Good stuff!

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  3. 7 bags of groceries for $60!!???! No wonder you inquired about my coupons for my chocolate fix. I’m going to have to hop on board of this savings train. I remember working at Walgreens in college. Elders would come in with coupon books out of the wazoo. At first (being young), I found it humorous. Until I saw their totals! Being single in Chicago, I definitely understand now.

    You are so great with your kids. The patience that you have is absolutely amazing! Have you always been that way or did your boys change you?

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    • Lmfao yes I am cheap but only cheap with me. For everyone else I’m not. Yes I worked at Walgreens in 2001 and I used to price modify everything. Hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaauhaua. Yes you need to get ya coupon game up.

      As far as patience, no I am still working on that. I am light years away and that video was actually me changing and transitioning. Thank you for the love. And your mug should be there tonight.


  4. Reblogged this on seekthebestblog and commented:
    Thank you for showing us some of the challenges involved in raising two autistic sons, Rayquan and Nasir.
    You are a patient and loving disciplinarian!
    Any parent can learn a great deal from you!
    By the way, did you say you paid $60.00 for 7 bags of groceries?
    You need to post on that too! 😂
    Love and light to you and your children!
    Lady G 😘💋
    Friends, please check this out!

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  5. We have one grandson with autism and another whose condition is not yet diagnosed, both daughter & son and their partners are real heroes brining up fine lads.
    You are doing a great job, a real patient loving dad and a true standing tall man (This is what Real Men do)

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  6. GREAT job with the kids! I used to teach “parenting” back in the 80s, so I recognize good stuff when I see it. Without your direction, there could’ve been chaos – I can see that, just in this little vignette. Kudos to you, seriously!! BTW, your voice reminded me of Denzel Washington. 😉
    Thanks to Lady G. for reblogging this, which is how I got here.
    Take care,
    Ellie P.

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    • Hahaha Denzel Washington voice man that was the best thing I heard in awhile. Yes I agree with your sentiments on parenting special needs children. Thank you for checking out the post.

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      • Mr Barron, you quite clearly do not appreciate Marie’s comedic bent. Yea, ah know big words! Go get a dictionary!!!! LOL
        …and go and change those knickers! You wearin”knickers’ now T? I always wondered about you. hahahahahaaaaaa

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