Popularity Contest

When it comes to the All Star game, it’s no secret it’s a glorified popularity contest. Many well deserving players got snubbed out of a spot, annually.

Whether it because of the log jam of players at there respective positions, or because those who spectate for a living didn’t deem them worthy.

Being one of those Professional spectators, I put together a list of those I feel earned a spot. I don’t get a vote — yet, but here’s my two pennies:


Here’s who I predicted would start:



Here’s who’s actually starting:


 I was close, as you could see.

I coming from a popularity contest context, I guess my radar was slightly off.  

The NBA will release it’s All Star reserves  maybe sometime this week. In anticipation of the announcement, I will once again, drop my prediction for who the coaches will vote in to come off the bench. 

Usually coaches reward winning. Even if a certain player is playing better than everyone coming off that All Star bench. But, here at thecouchsports.com we rebuke such outdated thinking. So, without further ado, my reserves for the 2017 All Star game, February 19:


 As you can see, not everyone is on winning squads, but as far as I’m concerned — a good year, is a good year. 

With the exception of Mike Conley. 

Michael is having an average year. However, the West is stacked with big men. The East obviously is guard heavy. Thus I’m forced to insert Conley into the fray.

Same with Carmelo. The Eastern Conference coaches are going to fall into the default way of thinking, I guarantee it.

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Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 12.23.35 AM.png

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    • Hayward is balling this year, and it’s about time he gets recognized. But Porzingis I could see. I only put Melo, because of the popularity contest that is the NBA. I have no real faith in the system lol. Thank you for reading man


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