Top 5 Classy N’Chic Women

Classy N'Chic

Hello to all my classy n’chic individuals.

In my first post, I vaguely defined what it means to be both classy n’chic. For this second post, I would like to list my Top 5 examples of the women whom I have tremendous respect and whom I aspired to become more like in one way or another. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it… So without further adieu….

#5 Gabrielle Bonheur

coco-chanel Courtesy of

Aka Coco Chanel. Ms Bonheur was a French fashion designer, businesswoman, founder and namesake of the Chanel brand. This woman’s genius and practicality allowed women to dress comfortably and look amazing, which was unheard of in her day. Prior to Chanel, women were walking around sucked in and barely able to breathe all in the name of femininity. Her belief was fashionable, yet comfortable and practical.  I give a salute to you, Ms Chanel…

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