Support #7 & Book I’m Reading #4

Well it’s been awhile folks. I’m still reading books, but I have been too lazy to post them. I’m actually working on that. Anyways, here we have an amazing book by Mrs. Shynna Key called “Wealth is a Mindset.” Mrs. Key is a Renaissance woman (Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Property Owner, Life Coach, Mother, Wife)   This book was excellent because Mrs. Key breaks down her life and struggles to become a business owner. She started off by saying that her parents were hard workers and that her father loved the finer things in life, so he opened a nightclub with residential units above it. Thus teaching his family the value of ownership at a young age. Mrs. Key also gets major credit for acknowledging that everyone’s financial situation is different. To me that is excellent for an author to say, because in today’s day in age, self help books can come of pretentious or self righteous but not this one. Totally the opposite. As you read it, you feel that Mrs. Key is there with you formulating a financial plan.

This book to me is for those (like myself) who get financially irresponsible and lazy. There’s a step by step blueprint you can follow to guide to you to your goals. Whether it’s long term, short term, consolidation of assets, stocks, bonds, IRA, CD’S, 401k Mrs. Key Breaks it down and gets into the nitty gritty of being fiscally responsible. I also love that she stresses entrepreneurship, generating more than 1 income, and also passing the knowledge down to younger generation.

This book has a lot of visual aids, so it will be easy to follow along and even make your own budget or goals. I recommend that everyone check out this amazing book.



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