Because We ❤️ the 90’s

You smell it?


It must be Friday!

Which means it’s time to flash back to the greatest decade in the history of mankind!

This era was the golden era! What wasn’t the shit back then?  I mean there was great everything. There was,



What you know about TLC?

Not many Groups broke onto the scene, with the impact these three made! Hat 2 Da Back, Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg, Baby-Bay-Baby and so many others. You know you singing along.

Really the 90’s was the era for groups. This piece is dedicated to my homies!!

I see you leaning. Now straighten up for

Boyz II Men,


groups like En Vogueen-vogue

there was SWV,


there was Xscape


and Jodeci


just to name a few.

But it didn’t stop there, I told you, this was the Golden Era!

Solo acts were abundant!

We had Mary J. Blige



Peep the pediphi….uhh…dude in the background



And what do you know about this??


Of Course there was more to music than just R&B.

Now we getting down to the nitty, with the Hip-Hop and Rap scene. It was essentially a wide range of choices. From groups guaranteed to get the party started, to cats that may get a crime spree crackin’.

But if I could describe the Hip-Hop scene in a word: Range.

Kris Kross had everybody unzipping their asses,




had ugly cats, and fat dudes thinking they were the smoothes gangstas in they area!

Then you had BIG ASS groups like Wu-Tang,Print

who had a cult following like never before seen. Skaters, D-boys, introverts, everybody was singing C.R.E.A.M.

Story telling from a hood perspective, was unquestionably the job of Nasir Jones.


He was appreciated well outside of Queens.

But I grew up in the all mighty Bay Area (when it was still mighty). Oakland,Ca to be exact. Bay Area underground rap was huge.

If you weren’t listening to rappers from the Bay, you weren’t from there. It was part of the culture to know lyrics from cats like,



If you needed game, if you needed some slang, he was — and still is, your man.

Speaking of game… Too $hort


had you feeling like, you had no business being broke, and maybe you should start rapping, cop a drop caddy, and start pimping all in the same week.


Richie Rich


ssshhhh! Don’t tell nobody.

You wasn’t from Oakland if you weren’t slappin’ 3x,



R.I.P. to the Cuddi Mac Dre. Over a decade after his death, he’s still the king of the Bay.


And yes 2pac,


was repping the Bay hard before the above album.



First of all what were you wearing?

Cross Colours?


Karl Kani?


First of all, What you know about Word Up! magazine? Peep the tri-fecta. 2pac, Word Up! Karl Kani  Man, y’all not ready!

Because of a certain player these👇🏿 Bulls Starter jackets were a nation wide phenomenon



Did you have a Starter? If so which one?



The satin Starters were the dopest though!





Maybe it’s because I was in the moment, or maybe it’s because it was a great era, either way the movies from my childhood seemed timeless. Ranging from wholesome to edgy

There was Home Alone (1, 2, 3, to about 17)


Space Jam



Wholesome kid movies with adult jokes snuck in in movies like Aladdin 








What?? You don’t like my list?!


What do you know about these guys:




Then there was



Ahhh, the days before the shooting point guard, the days when,


big men had to be men, and battle!

When feats like this was accomplished,


Without a single three taken.

Baseball and Card Collecting were big back in the day



These are just examples of greatness. I have whole Top 10 list to showcase how awesome things were then.

Make sure you tune in to next week’s Funky Fresh Friday when  we count down the top theme songs from the 90’s! Including this gem:

See where this landed✌🏿


  1. This was cool. This mostly reminds me that the glory days of entertainment and style are in the past. Perhaps that is my nostalgia and desire to return to the safe space of childhood … but I genuinely think our music and attire is lacking now. It is void of imagination. This is why Nas was saying hip hop is dead. Ever notice how alot of music from today is referencing the past? I stopped listened to The Game because he is ALWAYS mentioning Big, Pac, and Big L in every song. Smh.

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