Greatest Athletes Ever? Hell Yes. Hands down! Imagine. 

I would have to say Hell F!@#$% Yea. Serena Williams just beat her sister Venus in the 2017 Austrailian open. In the 29 overall title matches that they have faced each other, Serena is 18-29 over her sister Venus. Wow that is impressive. It is a great rivalry that we have 2 young Black Women, competing against each other, and still remain closers than ever. Their father did an excellent job giving these Queens morals.

We will talk more about these amazing ladies, but first lets be real y’all. (I hate to take away from this amazing moment by talking about race, but we have too) We will come back to the lovely Williams sister’s, honestly. When people think of the greatest Athletes ever, these 2 Queens are never mentioned. Sure people mention Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps etc, but why does the Williams sisters always get the short end of the stick? Well we know why. The world will never accept a Black woman as being dominate, unless she looks like this….

It’s the truth. Let’s break this down a lil:

Michael Jordan is a world wide entity. He’s experienced heavy racism growing up in North Carolina. In one of my favorite books of all time called “Young, Black, Rich, and Famous.” By Dr. Todd Boyd, Dr. Boyd illustrates a great point about Michael Jordan’s success in White America.

(Paraphrasing here) “Once Michael Jordan traded in his gold chains for wing tips, he transcended a color line that even Magic Johnson couldn’t break.. Unfortunately for Black America, White America transformed Jordan into a world wide phenomenon, thus creating an illusion that Black problems disappeared. When his infamous quote “Republicans buy shoes, too” hit the airwaves, Black America knew they lost their guy.” So why did I reference all that? Well Venus and Serena Williams has been the forefront for not only the inequalities in sports but in culture as well.

How many times has these ladies been called a gorilla?

Example: isn’t Venus, Serena, and Michael Jordan all the same skin color? So why does people only say that the Williams sisters look like apes or monkeys and not Jordan? Is it because the racists people who make these remarks, sees Jordan as their “own” and don’t see him as a black man, due to his years of being silent on socio-economic issues regarding his own people? How can some people be so envious of Black athletic prowess, but only acknowledge Black men’s ability as of Black women are not equal?

Here we are in 2017 and people just can’t accept a strong black woman, kicking ass. I will write about this more in the future but let’s get back to the ladies of the hour. Serena and Venus Williams y’all, cue the music. 🎶🎶🎶!

I gotcha back, sis

Imagine being these brave ladies. Imagine playing a sport that’s not portrayed for Black people to play. Imagine traveling all over the world to get called the same racial epithets everywhere you go. Imagine losing your sister Yetunde Price to senseless gang violence in 2003. Imagine your own people clocking your “miles” on who you are dating and who you are with. Imagine facing racist reporters demanding that you are not a woman and that you need to be drug tested before and ever match. Imagine having a “Eurocentric Beauty” Who can not play tennis to save her life, and gets caught cheating, make almost the same amount of money that you are making, due to her looks not her ability. (Talking about you Maria Sharapova). Imagine Black America turn their back on you because you got engaged to someone who makes you happy who happens to be white. Nigger. Coon. Monkey. Gorilla. Bitch. Yes imagine that folks. Imagine seeing your male counterparts not going through this because White Men accept LeBron James but not you. Can you imagine? And you wonder why Black people just keep persevering. That’s resilience folks.

Now imagine being an inspiration to young ladies around the world. Imagine making millions upon millions of dollars. Imagine winning countless of Olympic gold medals. Countless Austrailian open titles. Countless Wimbledon titles. Countless magazine covers. Countless tv appearances. Countless speeches. Countless of praise. Countless of respect. Can you imagine it people? These Queens deserve your attention. Now imagine me not having to do this amazing article because the Williams sisters are light skint. Now imagine millions of others bloggers doing this article because the Williams sisters are white and look like Maria Sharapova or Anna Kournikova.

Imagine that!

Thank you for reading.



  1. Thank you brotha K’Lee L. I remember in the mid 2000s when they visited the San Francisco tennis club on 5th and brannon and there were this covert racist ladies mad because “those apes are there today.” I was at the caltrain station. Smdh


  2. I definitely think that they are some of the greatest athletes ever! I have to comment on the turning their back because she married someone white comment. I haven’t heard anyone turn their back on her. But with the marrying a white guy thing, I think the media is going to or has portrayed that as a way to push interracial relationships as another means to tear up the black home. The picture of her being happy by marrying a white man is like a subliminal message saying hey black women look she’s happy now that she crossed over. But in reality we don’t know if she is happy or not. Unless we actually know her and can look into her eyes. But in the end it doesn’t matter or have an affect on me. But back to your main point. Yes these are two of the illest women of all time! They deserve every plaque, award, honor, trophy etc, etc!

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