Tareau’s top 10 Afros of all time.

Yes Yes yes the most underrated hairstyle has came back in full force. I am jealous that I lost my hair so here’s 10 Afros that I’ve always admired

Honorable Mention: Me circa 2006. 

10. Snoop Dogg back in that day. 

9. Black Michael Jackson 

8. ?uestLove 

7. Ben Wallace

6. Dr. J.

5. Esperanza Spalding 

4. Diana Ross

3. Ike Turner 

2. Angela Davis

1. Hands down Bob Ross. Look at the whimsy in his eyes. That gleeful smile. Hahhahahaha. 



  1. ololololololololol honorable mention?! Take that down! hahahahahaha. Do you KNOW how much I LOVE Bob Ross?! With his happy little clouds and “there are no mistakes” perspective on life?! One of my goals for 2017 is to paint with him. I’m going to get me an easel and all the tools and pull up his series on Netflix. It’ll be like he never left 🙂

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    • Why you hating on my baby fro Josie??? Lmfao Bob was the homie and I love listening to him talk. He seemed like he could reason with the most irrational person

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