Missing art of the mid- range

thecouchsports.com just turned 1 years old! In honor of that milestone, I’m re-releasing the first article ever written on here. I’ve come a long way with my writing. Thank you all for the continued support! ✌

Thanx Dave!

By David Max

Growing up, I watched sports as intently as a seasoned sports writer. I spent hours on end watching the NBA in the 90’s. While other boys were outside riding bikes, and climbing trees, I was watching Penny & Shaq trying to knock off the Bulls. I was watching Run TMC  put Oakland basketball on the map. In the 2000’s I was glued to the TV, watching as many games as I could.  I was the guy with League Pass watching the Sixers play the Bucks and the Sonics play the Pistons -back when skill, fundamentals and the mid-range jump shot still mattered.

In today’s game there is still plenty of entertainment value; However, because of my love for the game, it hurts my heart sometimes to see so much isolation play. -So many ill advised shots for the sake of wanting to be the man. Gone are…

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    • Thank you brotha Eddie. Sorry I’m just now seeing this. AAU has ruined basketball in many ways. One being the concentration by “coaches” on a stand out player. Because if the one player is under his tutelage he gets the recognition back on him, and possibly gets more star pupils and accolades. It sucks. Letting the one stand out do what he wants for the sake of money, or personal gain

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