The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 48

Another great episode of social awareness with Brotha Darryl Walker, from



or listen this way:




  1. Can I just say two things (be quiet Tareau, I know what you’re thinking lol). Someone asked if we need leadership or a leader, and I really think we need to stop looking for leadership, and start looking for focus. One thing that it seems people had in the 60s was some type of focus. They knew what they wanted and they strategically looked for ways to achieve the goal and get there. Today, we can barely focus on one task before we’re distracted by something else, and the next thing you know it’s fizzled out. The other thing I wanted to add is the co-op idea is a good one. It is a way to financially support a project while still getting the project done. We have to understand that everyone has different talents/gifts and then go from there to produce something.

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