Sports Capitalism

Fantasy sports, and advanced stats are drowning out the voice of real fans world wide, over a dollar.

We are being conditioned to use PER as a barometer, when the eye test clearly tells us, what an advanced stat can’t show: Effort, Boxing out, Loose rebounds vs getting your nose dirty. Cherry picking vs a player actually playing defense. A contested shot vs being open.

My eyeballs don’t lie, I know what I see.


Advanced stats are for the non-athletic. The ones who didn’t, or couldn’t make it. It’s for the the folk who end up in corporate America.

Barkley said it best: “They’re just some crap that some people who are really smart made up to try to get in the game, cause they had no talent.”


If you’re in love with advanced analytics chances are, you don’t follow the game like a real fan and you never have. Fantasy sports & Sabermetrics is a convenient way for you to fit in and feel cool.

That is until it went from,  feeling cool, to “Hey we can make money.” And Wah-Lah being a fan has become a free-for-all capitalist haven. Yeah I said it. Fantasy is just gambling disguised as fun that sucks the soul out of games.




Look at that shit. Because  the machine got behind the movement, respected websites now have to keep up with things like “win shares”, to keep the bottom line fed.

What happened to the real fans? Oh us? We were made to look like cavemen. An aging out of touch group, who don’t understand times have changed.

But is that the truth?



That cop out of a statement is the sign of a losing argument. Similar to the phrase “Let’s agree to disagree.”

Look, some American schools have banned games like dodge ball, and tag, in the name of cultural advancement and those same kids got trophies and hugs for participating. They have spawned into the very people who have taken over the internet, my TV and Oracle Arena. Venture fucking capitalist.

Wait, I’m getting the feeling I’m being a big ‘ol meanie…


The claim that Fantasy Football is valued at $70 Billion, explains a lot.


Always, always follow the money. It’ll lead you to the reason sports have lost there way. The reason sports are now more business, than fun. ✌🏿



  1. Thank you for telling it like it is man. I get tired of these stupid nerds talking about these irrelevant numbers. “Oh those is the first time since (insert random date) that (insert athlete) accomplished this while shooting with 2 fingers.”


  2. Keeping it real Dave! Good work! I dig this. You are right. What is a PER? Statisticians are just making up categories to stay relevant. The game isn’t even fun anymore. It is funny you posted this, as I am going to re-post a piece I did about sports commentary a few months ago since the Super Bowl is coming up. It seems we have a similar view lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m going to be on the look out for it. Sports is becoming so corporate it’s not even funny. I believe they are essentially gentrifying sports. It’s not going to be worth watching in a few years. Which means, I better flip this business interest into other interest before that day comes


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