Baseball I think I love you, again


Oh how I missed thee. If Basketball is my first love, Baseball is definitely a close second. Almost like my long time mistress. I spent days and nights watching the A’s, but I had so many favorite players around the Majors. I can remember playing in little league, wanting to steal bases like Rickey Henderson


I sucked at stealing bases, despite my deceptive chubby kid speed. I did however have have 8, count’em — 8, inside the park homers.

When I was coming up, batting stances were important.

I modeled mine after Ken Griffey, Jr. (I was a righty though)


I can remember wanting to play shortstop. Seemed like that’s where the athletes were. Even when I was a kid, I thought I was an athlete.

I wanted to play shortstop like Ozzie Smith,


He was like an infield wizard or something.

And does anyone remember a young skinny kid named Barry Bonds?


Wonder what ever happened to that guy?

Yes, my childhood was flooded with stars, and from the looks of things — the future of the game looks like it’s in good hands. I did some part time Baseball watching last season..


I’m announcing my recommitment to baseball this year!!


Uh hello, Is this thing on?!



I’m actually excited.

If you were wondering who my favorite player is these days, it’s definitely this guy:

Khris Davis had 42 Homeruns, 102 RBI’s 137 hits, and 85 runs. Solid season to say the least.  Considering the A’s finished last in the AL West (69-93), He and Marcus Semien were bright spots in Oakland.

Other young cats around the MLB that made me love baseball again were:

Mike Trout (Am I wrong?)

 Bryce Harper (He’s dope)

Carlos Correa (Oakland Headache)

Jose Altuve (The Oakland Problem)

Robinson Cano (Still Dope!)

That’s a just a few of many that made me make baseball, must watch in 2016.

I’m looking forward to covering baseball in 2017, and I’ll most likely exclusively be covering the A’s. It’s only January 31st, and I’m ready!

Thanks for reading✌🏿




  1. Yeah I feel you bro. It has been hard to get into baseball for some reason – it has been losing support. This is why I can, somewhat, sympathize with the players who were using corked up bats and steroids. The game was waning in the eyes of the public – until we started seeing A-Rod hitting homeruns like there was no tomorrow. The managers loved the way he brought in viewership and sold tickets, but then they turned around and shitted on him for cheating. It is a double edged sword. I wonder if, now in our celebrity culture where we need constant stimulation, baseball will be even more left behind unless they start putting focus on the big hitters as opposed to the pitchers (high scoring games as opposed to pitcher’s games).

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    • Right because people want excitement, or should I say crave it. Baseball is something you have to get into when you are young or it’s a wrap. I’m wondering how baseball will pan out going forward with all the electronic distractions and choices now


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