Video of Podcast EP. 49

Sorry it took me so long to figure out mic position in relation to the camera.


Pleasantries (:50- 1:50) The Pulse of the Bay Area [socially and Raiders, A’s, 49ers] (1:55-25:20), Will Millennials except Baseball (25:30-33:00), The Couch Sports Movie Segment (33:00-37:10), Charles Barkley vs LeBron (37:40-43:50) Giving the Spurs credit & where Carmelo should go [Sidebar Dave & Tareau argue if Carmelo is a Hall of Famer] (43:52-58-35) Super Bowl talk and predictions (58:40-1:04:20) Lets go home (1:04:25 – End)




    • Thank You Brotha Ron. I feel like video is the next big step. Audio is a bit impersonal sometimes, and short attention spans are ruining America lol. I figured video would be a great look for us and our goals. Thanks for watching man.

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