Greatest theme songs from the 90’s

Theme songs at one point were must watch. They were appointment tv, before your actual appointment with the tv. These are some of my favorite themes, that much like you — couldn’t wait to sing along to. Or all wasn’t right in the world



10. X-Men


8 & 9. Full House/Family Matters

For years I thought they shared the same song, turns out it’s just the same guy singing them. So some guy on Youtube switched out the themes, and it fits!theme-swap


7. Fresh Prince

I know what you’re thinking. I put it at 7 on purpose because you wanted it higher. LOL! Honestly it got played out so quickly because of everyone singing it so much back in the day. Welp.


6. DarkWing Duck

Don’t act like you wasn’t singing this with the lisp, when it came on! Let’s get dangerous!


5. Living Single

I know grown men who sing this when it comes on!


4. Duck Tales

The catchiest theme cartoon theme song ever! Duck Tales, Ooh Wo!


3.The Wonder Years

No caption needed, just sing along! 🎶What would you do…🎶


2. Oprah 

I don’t know what you think about when you hear this song, but my memory banks go to Carlton dancing to this on Fresh Prince! That clap tho!


The Results are in…


You are NOT the….


Shit, wrong list….




1. Golden Girls

I don’t know when this first aired, and I don’t care! This is hands down the greatest theme song in any era! And the fact the lady singing wanted her credit for having the biggest gift hahahaha



  1. o0o0o0o0 this took me down memory lane. I started singing to the top of my lungs when I played the Full House video clip! The Living Single intro just….ugh…just makes me want to go back to the 90s SO bad. I miss these vibes. You can feel the vibe in the freaking intro! Last but not least was the Wonder Years. I swear this show gave me life. Where have we gone wrong?! GRRR

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