The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 50

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Pleasantries (:50- 3:15) Black-ish issues (3:20 – 42:15) NBA Talk (42:20 – 1:20:00) Tareau vs ¬†Rookie Identity Thieves (1:20:01 – 1:23:10) Let’s go home (1:23:15 -End)




  1. I love this episode, especially the political part in the beginning. I agree with both of you guys about the youth, its a mixture of both arguments. The youth are misled by reality shows and flaunting on social media, they don’t understand or care about African American history. A lot of grown ups are doing the same thing. It should be no excuse to not know our history, but the fact is that most black people don’t care if it doesn’t get likes or follows. We as a people are constantly looking for ways to validate ourselves through the external, over the internal. Its complex and being ‘woke’ is a lonely place, because even the word woke has became pop culture like the word bling.

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    • It’s frustrating/interesting/overwhelming/and funny all at the same time. You have to be able to see it from both sides, because I don’t like when people make it seem simple. Like you said, it’s complex. But the cycle has to be broken sooner or later

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