John Lynch is Here.

49ers Faithful from all over the Bay Area, can now rejoice. There’s a new Shireff in town and his name is John Lynch. Football minds were baffled by this hiring due to the fact that the 49ers were under strict orders from John Lynch himself, to not leak his name as a possible candidate for the vacant General Manager position. Lynch is a hard hitter on and off the field and knows football inside and out. Provided by “Bucs Nation” on YouTube here are some of John’s highlights: (Click link)

Now, we all now John’s hands will be full. The roster is inept and depleted. You have needs at virtually every position. (Except for Running Back, Place Kicker, & Punter). You have a boss who is a pompous, arrogant, unintelligent asshole. 

Hi, I’m Jed York and I am a douche!

You also have a Venture Capitalists, analytical, money grabbing, non football knowing, elitist in Paraag Marathe trying to secretly run a football team

Now John Lynch is no stranger to the Bay Area now. He played college ball at Stanford University. I think his biggest challenge, will be trying to win the faithful core fan base back. 
Die hard faithful, who are not bandwagon fans. They have been replaced with….

The empty seats represents, white collar fans who don’t show up to the game when they’re losing. What’s crazy is all those seats are paid for by the season ticket holders who jumped on the bandwagon once the 49ers got good again. 

A lot of cajoling to do, right. But Lynch is the man to fix this. As a 9 time pro bowler, Super Bowl Champion, 2 times All Pro, Lynch has a blueprint for success. I’ve been talking to a lot of die hard 49er fans like myself


And a lot of people unanimously agree that this is an exciting feeling. We are glad that Baalke and Kelly got axed. We just hope York butts out and let him do his thing. Good luck John Lynch. 



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