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How many of us have did something 1,000 times? Can you even count to 1,000 consistently without losing track? If someone was to give you 1,000 $1 bills, would you be able to count them without losing track? Well what if all the bills aren’t crisp? (Whatever do you mean, Tareau?) Imagine equating 1,000 career NCAA women’s basketball wins into $1 bills. All of the bills might not be pretty, nor accepted but a win is a win, correct? If someone owed you a dollar and they give you 4 quarters, would you be mad? (Now even though I’m petty, I love change so I would definitely accept any debts in change). Well that’s how Ms. Tara VanDerveer got her wins. Most were blowouts. Some was loose change. Some were tattered beat up singles. But like I said, a win is a win. Now imagine winning your 1,000 career NCAA game the Friday before sports biggest game, the Super Bowl. Imagine only getting  (thus far) a ticker alert on Comcast saying that she accomplished this feat. Well we got ya covered here at Ms. VanDerveer. Here’s to you. And many more.  

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  1. This accomplishment is highly important for females in the coaching industry. It’s not often you see a female coach with the kind of numbers this one has put up. 1,000 wins is always a big deal for any coach. There are few to have ever reached this milestone (in either men’s or women’s basketball). Most people in the world can’t say they’ve done something 1,000 times, successfully!
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    • Thank you for checking us out. This milestone was impressive. Hardly, any coverage. This was a great accomplishment for the game of hoops.


  2. Wow this is an epic milestone to reach. It is seldom that you see women in coaching, nonetheless great women coaching. The landscape is changing: Pat Summit was phenomenal, and the CT Huskies were/are undefeated?


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