The Power of being Broke

The lack of economic power can make one feel less than.

It can make or break a persons self esteem. It can drive you to great heights, or leave you in a funk, not able to put your finger on why. You just know you are upset, about something.

Past bad decisions lead you to the very path you are currently traveling. Until you recognize and acknowledge that, the depression cloud will continue to linger.

The old saying of, “We all have to do things we don’t want” still annoys me ’til this day. One of the things I do like about millennials, is they challenge that notion. One can do what they want and be happy despite anyones else’s opinion.

That’s right opinion. Much like advice, most things, including rules (written & unwritten) are an opinion. So if anyone feels they can make a million dollars from the internet, they’re probably right. The opposite is true as well. If you feel like nothing is possible because of the “powers that be” than you’re probably right…in your mind. It’s all mental. That’s what I want you to focus on.

Being broke is a mind state, similar to depression. Being broke too long, and feeling helpless is more so a gateway mentality though.


We have to start somewhere. And that somewhere is on a piece of paper. Write down your 1 month goals, your 6 month goals, your one year goals, than the big dreamer style goals you plan to hit by the end of your life! Look at them 3-4 times a day to help change your mind state. Yes it does work! You have to change how you look and feel about you before everyone else outlook changes about you.


I’ll give you a few more minutes to hang your head, than you have to pick it up, and march forward. You know my philosophy on time. We don’t have it to waste. Even when you’re off the work plantation clock, your still — on the clock. ✌🏿





  1. Good piece! I used to achieve by talent when I was younger. Somewhere along the way I adopted a 3 year plan mentality. Meaning I set goals in 3 year increments for my career. There’s nothing magical about 3. I happen to work in the software industry and it takes that long, optimistically, to see solid results from the researching, planning, development, and launch of a solution.

    I break each year down by target/ actual achievements that measure my progress against those 3 year goals and put my yearly plan together to get them.

    This enables me to focus on the notion that I’m working for my career and myself, even when I am benefiting my employer.

    I’m never working a job. I’m always working for me – to gain more skills or improve upon them to sell to the next client / company. Great writing!

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    • Man that’s a great way to think about it. If you think about the benefit you achieve on a daily vs being pissed about working for someone else I can see where that quills the frustration. 3 years is a perfect amount of time because it allows the same amount of time to grow a business. The operative word is GROW. And thats the key to life. Thanks for reading bro!

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  2. Another thing that people can do is; put their goals as their phone’s screensaver. In today’s world since everybody is looking at their phone 24/7. Their goals will always be in their sight and on the forefront of their mind.


  3. You’re so right! Especially about breaking your goals down into obtainable and management little goals. And looking at them everyday like you said. I took my goals list and broke everything down into things that I can actively practice daily – suppppper easy steps. And before I knew it, I was moving through them like crazy!


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