The Couch Sports Podcast EP.53

Pleasantries & First World Problems (:55 – 6:10), The Charles Oakley Saga (6:12 – 12:20), Black in America, [Mental Gentrification] (12:22 – 28:55) NBA Talk [3-Point shoot out predictions, Vince Carter balling at 40, #PistonsTalk, NBA Trade Deadline, How to fix the Nets & Kings], One Time For the Culture (55:20 – 1:06:20) Last minute sports news (1:20:25 – To the End)





    • In return I stopped supporting what they do, especially when they are trying to get me to look at fuckery. People will not support positivity. If we had a gossip site, and we talked celebrities all day, we would be huge lol. It sucks but the fight is a good one


      • You know how it is, when its some worldstar Maury povich fuckery, it gets more hits than a slot machine. When its something interesting or entertaining, you get treated like vegetables, “I know its good for me and all, but I’ll get to it when I get a chance!”

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      • Man preach. I think there is a market for fuckery but it should be a guilty pleasure or received minimally at best. Yes it’s funny you used vegetables because we need veggies but alot of us do not want to eat them. My coworker is writing a letter to the corporate offices of the bowling alley today. I’ll keep y’all updated.

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