Tareau’s top 20 TV theme songs of all time.

Petty king has arrived and is fresh off of beating his coworkers in bowling. Ok truth time I won the 1st game and lost the 2nd game. Enough with that, time to be petty. Dave drops jewels on Funky Fresh Fridays, so I’m feeling left out. With regards to Married With Children, Fresh Prince, Family Matters, Amen, 227, Different World, The Cosby Show, What’s Happening, Good Times, I Living Color, Martin, Living Single, and a slew of others, I wanted to include these. So I present to you my favorite TV theme songs of all time. Let’s get it.

https://youtu.be/JR5zFiIxqSs (Click link)
20. Doug So don’t act like you didn’t like this great theme song. Doug with his cast of friends. Skeeter, Patty Mayonnaise, Mr. Dink, Roger and let’s remember hanging out at the Honker Burger.


19. Captain Planet. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart, Go planet. (Nobody wanted to be Mati because heart was lame) hahahaha. Whoopi Goldberg was Gaia. Remember Captain Planet’s evil doppelganger Captain Pollution. I loved how Kwame was the leader and he was from Africa.

18. Cops. Ok yes I know, subliminally advertising and seeing them arrest a lot of Black people. Sigh* but that theme song though.

17. Sister Sister Yes and yes. Wasn’t this show Hella good. Wholesome but edgy, funny but deep. Shout out to Jackeรฉ with her big red carpet. Hahahaha. Roger was Marques Houston. Man they use to dog him. 

16. Hanging With Mr. Cooper. Oakland very own Mark Curry was Dave’s hero. Oakland Pride was on full display on this. Great cast too. My favorite episode was the “Love match episode” 

15. Three’s Company. Man Jack Tripper had it made, right. Hella escapades and hijinks hahahahaha. What about how Mr. Furley was always shocked or upset. Hahahahhahaha. 

14. Cheers, is filmed on front of a live studio audience. Nobody ever got a DUI huh? “Woody give me a beer!” 

13. Perfect Strangers. Man I miss this show. 

12. Punky Brewster. Remember the doll though??

11. The Wonder Years. I love the narrative of Old Kevin narrating throughout the show. Remember his whiny ass girlfriend, Winnie? And his nerdy pal, Paul? 

10. Ghostwriter. I had a crush on Gaby. This was the first time, I learned what a Bodega was. I always had a composite notebook. RALLY TO

9. That’s So Raven. “You can gaze into the future” Man Raven Symone had so much potential to be wifey. Sigh. This was my favorite Disney show. 

8. Muppet Babies. So tell me, why they never showed Nanny’s face? My favorite was animal, he reminds me of my oldest son Naszir now. Hahaha

7. Magnum P.I. I mean just look at Tom Selleck’s prestigious mustache tho! 

6. The People’s Court. Hahahahahahahahahaha. That beat tho?


5. The Golden Girls. So we gonna act like Blanche and Dorothy wasn’t doing every man they saw? Hahahahahahahaha. 

4. Step by Step. Man Cody was the homie, right? Didn’t you want to live with this family? 

3. Knight Rider. Man looking dreamy in the 80s was the business, right? Hahahahaaha. I still want this car though.

2. Out of this World. Man who wouldn’t want to freeze time? This show came on right before Mama’s Family. 


1. Tie: Ducks Tales and Inspector Gadget. Enough explaining, just listen to these amazing theme songs. 



  1. LOL word I feel you with People’s Court! That is legendary. Great list bro. Threes Company is probably my favorite show – especially when the Ropers were there. Have you ever seen All in the Family? That theme song is epic!!!

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      • Hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaauhahahaha. But the blond hair chick he was crushing, she wasn’t whiny, Winnie was just a BRAT. “Kevin pay attention to me”

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ohhh helllllll no. I’m in and out when I shop. She looks like she would look at everything and not wanna help bag either. I’m leaving her at customer service. And to be Eben more disrespectful to Whiny Winnie, I’m getting the cute cashiers number.

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      • Right she looks Hella dingy and ditzy. Like you could wear a shirt that says “Wallet Inspector” and she would believe you and give you her wallet. My favorite wonder years episode is when Kevin and his dad was going somewhere and they got a flat tire and Kevin ended up getting the lug nut off of the flat. He was tired of hearing his dad complain.

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      • LMFAO! OMG. I don’t know if I’m laughing harder at you coming UP with that scenario or the fact that I would bet my savings account on you being dead right ahahahaha. I can’t remember ANY episodes from the Wonder Years. I won’t lie. I just remember watching for the Kevin and Winnie parts. I didn’t even understand how deep the show was until I caught an episode while in my 20’s. I definitely slept on the life lessons. BUT you know who DID always school me (no pun)? The teacher in Boy Meets World. Forgot his name. You know who I’m talking about?

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      • Lmfao hahhahaha. Mr. Feeny was the teachers name. You wanna hear something crazy? My favorite boy meets world episode, is when Corey and Mr Feeny trade places. Corey gets to teach for a week and Mr. Feeny gets to be Corey. They were reading Anne Frank’s diary and Corey thought the class would respond better to his teaching methods than Mr. Feeny’s. It wasn’t until his older brother, Eric who was dating a bi-racial Japanese girl was verbally assaulted at their local mall, that Corey realized racism effects everyone. He even called his best friend Shawn a “Wop” to prove a point. Anyways 20 years later, I saw my daughter watching that same episode last year. It was creepy.

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      • Wow! The fact that she was watching that is pretty surreal, I’ll admit. I remember that episode too. It was gooooood. We could really use more episodes like that to bring awareness to issues/topics that people try to dodge. I think Mr.Feeny dying was one of the first times I ever truly cried my eyes out from a TV show. Does/did your daughter watch the new one? Girl Meets World, I think its called.

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      • We watched the first season and it was so so. My daughter got tired of the Nickelodeon/disney scenario with shows:

        A brunette who is allegedly wholesome and has family morals and her best friend is a wild blonde haired girl. I was so happy that she realized that these shows are not real life. It’s too surreal.

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      • Your daughter is the bomb lol. Her insight and decision making skills are impressive. I guess the apple really does fall FAR from the tree. lmao jk jk. I couldn’t help my petty self.

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  2. Hey Tareau, I’ve seen you around on Lady G’s blog and today your blog popped up on my screen so I thought I’d come and check you out. I’ve been looking at your theme songs and many brought a smile to my face. Funny, because we were I was just discussing theme songs with my two girls – both TV and computer games. They were reminiscing their childhood theme songs for shows like: The Simpsons, Powder Puff girls, Barney and many others. In exchange I was sharing the ones that resonated with me and there are some on your list that I had even forgotten about. Yeah, I remember, Fresh Prince, Three’s Company, Knight Rider, the Golden Girls. Magnum, Cosby show and OMG – THE WONDER YEARS!!!. Don’t know if you ever watched Benson – that’s on my list too. But for what it’s worth you’ve taken me back to a place of pure “Used to be” nostalgia and don’t forget that I’m coming to you from what was then and still is – a very different world in South Africa. Great to visit here! Chevvy

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    • Hey thanks for checking out my posts. Yea, I miss theme songs. It was an art. You had no choice to watch the show. No distractions. No DVR. No Cell phones.

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      • True. These days,since you can choose only what you want to watch when you want to watch it, you miss some great stuff.
        The Wonder years – Geez, I had forgotten about them. Thanks for the great memories!๐Ÿ˜€ BTW I’m glad the older folk taught you well in your Old School music choices.๐Ÿ˜€

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