Top 10+1 Movies of the 90’s

Hello Ladies and Gents. I was on youtube watching all things 90’s this week. To be honest, I grew horribly tired of these first “100 days” coverage and need a break. What I did realize, was how great those times were.

“Remember those mu%^a F&%kin dances?” That movie didn’t make the list, but I will give you the movie I’m referencing at the end of this post.

Anyway, I have compiled a list of my favorite movies of the 90’s. Here it is……


#11 Soul Food



 Remember Ahmad, Teri, Kenny, Max, Miles, Bird,Lem and ummm…Faith? This movie reminded me of my family before the elder women started passing away. Man, where are the matriarch?!? To be clear, you have to be at least fifty AND act as such. I miss them and god willing, I will one day be a great elder.

Enough with that…

Two lessons learned from this movie were…. 1)sometimes, family members are going to be the first to teach you what being trifling is all about, but no matter what you stick together. 2) NEVER, I repeat…NEVER ask an old boyfriend to help your new boyfriend with anything!!! Leave that All of us ish to the sitcoms.


#10 Love Jones



Who was your favorite character in this movie? Well, I loved both Darius and Nina. The best part of that movie was when he recited his poem, “A Blues For Nina”. Who wouldn’t fall for that sexy ish. I don’t know about giving it to him on the first date, but his rap was nice. What I did appreciate was her honesty with herself in figuring out if she was truly done with her ex. As I write this, I can’t help but chuckle because anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t give credit for anything that a person is suppose to do. Yet, I just did. Oh well, I’m sticking with it. Does the Petty King have an issue?

#9 Shawshank Redemption



This movie showed me that sometimes good people go to prison. Meanwhile, the officials governed with making the prison an institution, sometimes belong behind the bars they have control of. This movie was my introduction to the criminal justice system and how it really works.

#8 Bad Boys



Marcus and Mike Lowrey.  “You ever make love to a man… Do you want too?” I think that line was from a sequel, but who cares.. This is my list, with my rules…lol…

#7 The Mummy



When those big ass roaches (aka scarabs) started crawling under the the servant’s skin, I damn near died.

#6 Boys in the Hood

boyz-n-the-hood I don’t care how sophisticated you may be…Deep down inside, you can conjure up the attitude and the voice to rival, Regina King’s,”But do he got a girlfriend” and”He fine anyway… You better watch his ass, somebody might steal ’em.” This was the funniest ish ever. That facial expression though!!!!!

#5 A Thin Line



Was this really the look of players back in the 90’s? All I can say is, Please come and get your 40-year old uncle who thinks he is still 26 and his even older “patnah”.

#4 Face Off



This movie made me want to be a plastic surgeon. To take someone’s face off and trade it with whomever… That is as good as printing your own money. In short, an FBI Agent trades places with his son’s killer in an attempt to get the location of a bomb that is suppose to go off in three days. Let’s just say that you don’t really know a person until you have, literally, lived their life…and they have lived yours.

#3 New Jack City


“Rock-a-bye- baby” and “Am I my brothers’ keeper?” Stereotypical business at its finest…

#2 Goodfellas


This is when we had rules. Where are the rules? “My wife and her damn asthma!!”

#1 The Five Heartbeats


If you’ve seen it, you already know why it’s number one. “Just in case” you haven’t .. no worries, “I got nothin’ but love for you baby.” Type those into youtube. Guaranteed, you’ll want to watch it tonight.

Answer to the movie quote in the intro: The Wood….Ya’ll wouldn’t know nothin’ about that, though:)





  1. Lmfao @ The Wood where he says “You let that nigga Chauncey hit, And I know I look better than him!” Hahahahahhahahahahah. I’m really surprised you didn’t have Higher Learning on this list.

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    • It’s funny you say that, I purposely excluded any movie that could incite racial outrage. I needed a break from racial, socioeconomic or religious based entertainment. I’m not always, “Sister too deep” I can relax, brotha…lmbo

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      • In my Dr. Evil Voice “Riiiiiiggghhhhhttttt” So to make jokes and bring some pettiness to your classy blog, we just gonna ignore how CHARCOAL Chris Rock was as Pookie? No Set it off? No Friday? And you know Laurenz Tate would have your 401k plan right now, that’s how smooth he was. Face Off yes and yes. That concept was dope.

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  2. Thin line between love and hate is my $#**, I loved how bobby brown was himself throughout the movie. Martin was a playa playa, I remember mama renting that movie at blockbuster video, and me watching it 3 times in a row. They all were young as hell.

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  3. I loved:
    Soul Food
    Boyz in tha Hood—-“RICKY!!!!” I am so ashamed to say that I always thought the dude that shot Ricky had the prettiest eyes I have ever seent! Word is he is deceased, actually came from a good home but went rogue and ended up going to prison, becoming saved and then killed by his cellmate. Ahhh….yeah…I did the research! LOL!
    But YAAAASSSS, Regina King nailed that part. She killed me talking all that cash shit!
    She also nailed it in Poetic Justice “Talk that shit while you walkin'”
    And, I resemble your remarks…..matriarch that’s 50 and the 40-year-old uncle? I resemble those remarks 🙂

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    • Lady G is a sucker for pretty eyes huh? Hmmmm interesting. Well off to get those hazel contacts today. Hahahaha. Regina King is a Dime plus more. “Brush that weak ass fade” Man she can tell people off.

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      • Awww Tareau… you don’t EVEN need no contacts! You got them pretty kinda light brownish eyes!
        LMAO @ “Brush that weak ass fade.”
        But I hollered laughing at the beach scene where everybody was having a deep thought and she was like, “I wonder did my Mama go get my clothes from the cleaners!” or something like that (Poetic Justice). LOL!!!!

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  4. Love, Love, Love Love Jones! I mean I own the DVD and watch it from time to time, like recently lol Boys n the Hood, of course. New Jack City was the first movie I bought the soundtrack CD for…know every last song!!! I’m not sure if I would add anything else to this already perfect list.

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  5. Thank you all for commenting. According to my other half this is what’s up:)
    @Mr Walker. Juice was cool, but Pac was a crazy and hit a little too close to home. I do wish I would have added Above the Rim. That movie really brought me back to my heydays and Hoop it up in the Bay Area.
    @Lady G…. fine ass murderer with green eyes…Yeah, he’s a winner…lmbo
    @Tareau….aka King of Petty…. You better leave your eyes alone. Beautiful eyes are the ones you can see through:)
    ……again thank you all for commenting.

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