Tareau’s Top 10 sporting video games

Thanx Dave!

Ahh yes who doesn’t love a stupid top 10 list? I do. And I believe that you secretly do as well. It’s your pet peeve. Your guilty pleasure. It’s ok, your secret is safe with me. As long as you don’t tell the reader about that time I bought some Zimas. SHHHH. Hahhahahaha Below is my 10 favorite Sporting Video games. Please EnjoyTecmo Super Bowl

10. Tecmo Super Bowl. SNES 1991. This game to me was a little better than Tecmo Bowl because if you pressed x, it would do a QB dive and the defense would try to stuff you in mid air.r-b-i-baseball-2-03

9. RBI Baseball #2 Sega Genesis 1989. I loved playing this on my cousins black and white tv. When you hit the ball in the air, sometimes the sound barrier (on the game) would crack. Plus the cheesy ass music too.madden-ambulance-2

8. NFL Madden 92 Sega Genesis…

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  1. NBA live 95 was crazy. That game had maaad gameplay. I loved nba jam, it was a big deal if you had it on SNES or Sega Genesis.

    The wrestling games were endless. I remember that nwo game. He would play that shit for hours, he would start Friday night, and wouldn’t stop until Sunday night when his dad told him to go to bed for school the next day. Lol. Great list

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    • Hahahaha you just inspired me to hook up my Sega Genesis today. Hahahahahhaha. Man NWO VS WCW was the business. Remember playing battle Royale mode and sting would come down with a chair? Hahahaha. I would use Rey Mysterio or Psychosis. I still remember the Air Dog and Bill Clinton Codes for NBA JAM. Wow. I also remember blockbuster video would have these yearly video game tournaments using NBA JAM, Bubsy, and TNMT Tournament Fighter.

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      • The 90s was truly the golden era of everything. From video games to music. Although I must say that the early 00s was killing it with Sega Dreamcast and that boxing game with the black guy with the afro. I think it was called “Ready 2 Rumble”. The nba2k “dricas” crew who dominated online gaming back in the day. The 90s was special, I remember playing afraid to play doom on SNES, the cartridge was red. That game took gore to another level. I was too young to handle that.lol


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