The Couch Sports Visual Podcast (Vlog)

Video of episode #53 for your visual!!

Topics: Pleasantries & First World Problems (:55 – 6:10)The Charles Oakley Saga (6:12 – 12:20)Black in America[Mental Gentrification] (12:22 – 28:55) NBA Talk [3-Point shoot out predictions, Vince Carter balling at 40, #PistonsTalk, NBA Trade Deadline, How to fix the Nets & Kings]One Time For the Culture (55:20 – 1:06:20) Last minute sports news (1:20:25 – To the End)




  1. Y’all, I actually like the VLOG Better! I can see your facial expressions which makes the shit more hilarious.
    Oh and damn Dave, you scared me there for a second. I saw a little bit of Doughboy for a second…hand on 9mm hollering, “We got a problem here? We got a problem?”
    Then Tareau’s finger coming close to the screen (39:38 ish) scared me for a second! It looked HUGE!
    Loved the solos:
    Dave: “Blame it on the Rain”
    Tareau: “Hold on”
    Oh and Tareau……..”This pen hella cold” Damn!!!!……That’s cold Brah!
    Seriously, thanks for the shout out, loves!
    Y’all nuccas crazy! Jk!
    Excellent, informative and fun!

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