One Time For the Culture


I thought about NOT posting this piece, but I believe you should celebrate your culture and history everyday, and not a designated damn month. A month in which, others are forced to acknowledge your existence. And yes it’s in the same family tree as Valentines day. You don’t need a got damn day to show someone you care! You SHOULD be doing that anyway!

In this current era of blatant culture appropriation, main stream media publications (who’s staff members probably know exactly how many black friends they have) as well as people doing shit for ReTweets and eValidation, are abundant.

I’m growing ever frustrated (by the day), of watching not only so-called media personalities, but those desperate to get noticed — steal from hip-hop culture and things they associate with blackness. They try want to be cool, and rise to the top of the heap in what is a crowded — reality show style free for all, in the battle for real estate in your mind.


I’m actually upset I just found this article. Here’s the actual link if you’re curious

In todays All Inclusive American Society, it’s funny that people can take — if it benefits them, yet act offended, and hurt when you want answers. I see the game. So maybe, just maybe I should’t hate the player. The Rules are simple

  • Say plenty of cool sounding, hollow/uneducated/unfounded rhetoric 
  • Get said rhetoric co-signed
  • Act cool and obnoxious 
  • Repeat


What I’m most upset about is, what has been conditioned in people as “acting black” is  synonymous with the above. In other words, people try to imitate rappers, ball players, and whoever is rich and has peoples attention.

Mix that in with the new American phenomenon of: Become famous at all cost and…

sports apps backed by the machine can make fun of the Charles Oakley situation:

You see, I realized something when it comes to social media, and todays society. If you gain enough popularity, people will cosign based off of popularity alone. In other words, the more “followers” the more credibility you suddenly attain. It’s a seemingly endless cycle of bullshit. 


This is less about white supremacy, and more about the power the cunning have over sheep. And right now the sheep, are eating out of the cunnings hands.

This piece was actually supposed to be all about the celebration of black culture, but in a way it kind of is. You see, this is my way of opening the eyes of those still sleep.

No, this isn’t me being “Brotha Too Deep” but I want those melanin enrich individuals on the fence to realize your being used for riches. It’s the proverbial — not laughing with you, that I want you to see. And when you see it, those who get rich from laughing at you/us no longer have an audience.

Most so-called cool pop culture references involve someone/something black. Slang, music, fashion, and everything else that’s supposed to be cool.

What I’m saying is: The go-to move is go find something black to entertain the masses. That is the thinking.

Are we not done with being the entertainment? We are and have been so much more!


List of Black Owned Banks I had to search for, but glad I found.

Thanks to Michelle Singletary the financial guru, I’m inspired to teach the people about how to manage their finances. I keep telling you the fight is economic.


Here’s where you can find Black C.P.A.’s since we are force fed all the different ways to detach from our money. Not have a savings account, yet reminded a few times a year about our “Trillion dollar spending power” is more than frustrating.

That’s all for now. I decided to make this a series. So there will definitely be more to come. I just needed to get that off my chess. As you can see, I’m growing more comfortable with my role as a motivator of the people, on my mini — yet growing platform. Until next week… ✌🏿




  1. Yes and yes. I’m at the epic center of this. Where all these people wanna “Black it up” when they see me. “You dawg” “that’s lit” It’s like I mentioned with the movie Hidden Figures. It will be the proverbial “I’m not a racist, I have a black friend” argument. Seeing a movie nor befriending a black person does not equate to knowledge over our race. White folks (majority not all) hates not being included in things and wants to have the option to comment on things they know little or nothing about.

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  2. Thank you so much for using this platform to not only encourage, but to educate. I love the illustration of black money eagerly being handed to everyone but the black merchant. A fool parts easily with his money. MESSAGE!!! Great post.

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    • I would also like to add to this great comment that Black banks and credit unions need to provide us with receipts that they are reinvesting into the black communities. Otherwise, we will have a whole bunch of grassroots black pyramid schemes *Talking to you and Boyce Watkins*

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  3. You know what upsets me? The amount of money, time and effort that affluent whites in the music industry will invest in ignorant music artists/rappers. I remember watching a YouTube video of Bobby Shmurda dancing on a conference room table for Epic Records. Those white men sit there, looking for ways to throw garbage into our community – making it trendy – ruining us while profiting at the same time.

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      • But people are defending this talking about “Well you have to sell yourself as an artist” smdh. Do u think any other race would allow some one of their same skin to humiliate them like that?

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      • But when white girls twerk, they are being free and liberating themselves *sarcasm* it’s that boys will be boys saying but that just applies to white America because they can be carefree, do something stupid and that’s what it is. It ends there. We do it, and we are criticized for eternity.

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      • “boys will be boys” definitely applies only to white America. BUT do you really feel that Miley escaped the great white glare from America? I felt like she got wrecked (no pun intended lololol). Does white America provide those same “get out of jail free” cards for white women as they do white men?

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      • Yes they do. In the dominate society there us a way back into the club. It’s just harder for White women than white men.
        Example: Justin Timberlake throwing Janet Jackson under the bus in the Superbowl 2004, just so he can go to the Grammys. If Miley wants back in, she would have to do a country song and stop hanging with her black and gay friends. It’s that simple. Sometimes me and my close friends would joke to see, who got axed from the club and what they need to do to get back in. There’s that stigma that once a white woman goes black, then she’s tainted but when a white man does it, there just “going through a phase” or (insert excuse here). So to answer your question, yes the do provide those cards but it’s just harder for White women to get.

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      • That makes total sense. I didn’t consider that re-entry process but you’re right. It definitely exists. And although harder for white women than white men, its still an option. Wow…that’s reral.

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