Saving money with T-Money (Click link)
So you want to know how I do it huh? Ancient Chinese secrets my dude. Haha, naw. Here in San Francisco, it is the most expensive city to live in. The average median income is about $105k and the average 2 Bedroom Apartment is about $4,200 a month. Minimum wage within the city is $13.50 an hour and this is due to San Francisco being a city/state. The economy is great here in San Francisco and I have to thank my moms for raising me to be a survivor. Forcing me to grocery shopping at the age of 5, I knew about balancing and budgeting at a young age. Now factor in with the cost of living being high, goods and services are high too. You just gotta know how to maneuver in the City. For instance, if any of you guys ever visit, 1st thing you do is call or email me. I used to be a tour guide and I’m a native of this city for 34 years now I’ll tell you what hotel to stay in and what to expect etc. Where to go, where not to go. 2nd thing is you never buy fuel in San Francisco. Or get a rental car. I go outside of the city limits to do a lot of the shopping. Sales tax within the city is 8.5%. 

So one way of survival is couponing. Yes being thrifty and frugal is how you can breathe easily especially when you are living paycheck to paycheck. Like, Share, leave comments, please!✌



  1. Dang Tareau, you could’ve shot me a damn e-mail to let me know the coupon post had dropped! I been waiting for this one! Thank you!
    LadyG gon’ be at Publix stacking them thangs like a mug! LOL!!!
    But, trust me, as soon as we get into, they’ll find a way to switch the game up! LOL!!!
    Rayquan is my BOY!!!! He is so sweet.
    By the way, I got a gander at your toes… advice, less Tareau toes and more Rayquan toes! LOL!!!!

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    • I have Man’s feet so they supposed to be busted. Hahahah. I’m a tally going shopping after therapy and I was thinking if filming a quick video to go along with this. It’s all about saving money. Rayquan don’t care about you Lady G. Ha. Smirked! As far as company’s switching things up, yes they do, you just gotta stay in top of ya game. Or on top of wait nevermind 😜

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  2. Love it. I would love to visit this fall because I love nappa. Last time I came, we flew into Oakland and stayed with friends who lived in the city and drove a passenger van to Nappa. I’ll remember to hit you up once everything is confirmed.

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  3. Okay now, you got me ready to starting clipping coupons. I just saw the video you posted within the last hour – $30 savings?! AND you got ICE CREAM?! You might be on to something here lol. I’ve never seen cinnamon roll/bun Oreos! God must have made them from scratch 😀

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