Anquan Boldin is not done, in my eyes!

Live From Woodward


(Photo Courtesy of Raj Mehta, USA TODAY Sports)

Hey there, what’s happening Detroit? It’s Tareau Barron, San Francisco’s own. But y’all can call me “Detroit’s step son!” I’ve visited Detroit back in November and it was awesome. So I feel like I’m qualified to speaking on some things. What you don’t believe me? See for yourself! 20161110_132514.jpg20161110_135830.jpg

Bam! Proof! I’ve got the receipts. Anyways, enough about me. Let’s talk about Mr. Anquan Boldin. Man it hurt when he left my 49ers but he needed to leave due to our team sucking. I’m happy he was able to be serviceable with another team. Anquan Boldin is actually open to resigning back with the Lions for this up coming season. How happy are you to hear that? Boldin had 67 receptions for 584 receiving yards, with 8 touchdowns. Not bad for the 3rd fiddle, right? Behind Golden Tate’s 1,077 receiving yards (4 td’s) and…

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