The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 54

Pleasantries [including Tareau’s great day] (:55 – 11:24), Business Endeavors, Entrepreneurship & Lazy People (11:25 – 32:00) NBA Talk [Trades & Lazy Players] (32:05 – 38:07) [Guest appearance from Mrs. Allen of drops in to discuss peoples obsession with the fast dollar, the lack of incentive for people to be Great, and investing money] (48:25 – To the End) Shout Out to Sista G (57:30& 1:08:08)





  1. Man I’m going to the gym right now. She know what she be doing! She always wearing sexy attire to the gym. I be playing all stuck up when she come around, like I don’t acknowledge her or look her way. Hahahahaha.

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  2. This damn thing had me hollering!
    First, I agree, a lot of us spoiled these kids! Not LadyG though. My baby grinding in his last semester of college before he graduates! I told him to keep a hustle because Mama ain’t paying no grown ass man’s car notes.

    Also, I love Dave’s motivation talks.
    Keep talking brah, it will catch on.
    I love the fact that you guys stress hard work….”We gon’ eat!” I love it!

    Tareau, just kills me….LOLOL!!!

    Oh, I see you Mrs. Allen! LOL!!! Girl, you got jokes about LadyG! I can’t help it because I’m crushing on the dude sitting in the back seat of the Hyundai shooting Ricky! I like you, you my girl! I hear you….”It is not for play-play!!!” LOL!!!!

    Tareau, come to Georgia! LOL!!! But bring the money baby! Let’s buy this land up 🙂 LOL!!!!!!!!

    I enjoyed it y’all! Hilarious!

    Here’s an idea: For your van, you could start an ambulatory transportation service where you take people to their medical appointments. Think about dialysis patients or chemo patients who need a ride on a regular basis. You bill Medicaid and certain other insurance companies. I think Medicare pays for it too. That’s a freebie from your girl 🙂


    • Because Mama ain’t paying no grown ass man’s car notes. hahahahahahah real talk! We will keep pushing! I feel like we have a new break through everyday. Yea Tareau loves him some Sista G! About the guy in the Hyundai….I can only chalk it up to, you can’t help who you’re attracted too LMAO! I’ll pass the info about the van business along to him. He may see this comment before I can tell him tho. That’s something I wanted to do so bad about 5 years ago, but I’m glad he’s thinking about it. I have my sights set on a laundromat now. Thank you for listening Sista G! Hope you liked all the music!

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