Inspiration from The Dave

Some inspiration from me to you. Letting everyone know to stop listening to these people who discourage you! If you think you can, then dammit you can! Now get up, and make it happen!


      • omg that coffee scene was EPIC! lmao the music stopped and everything. And then you say “I got coffee mugs!” Like “Damnit, its real out in these streets!” hahahahahaha. This was great Dave. Great advice, great video altogether. Impressed!

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      • To be petty though, why Josie and never posted a pic on her blog about the mug she bought from us? Just for that Josie, Imma buy whatever you favorite cereal is, crack open the bag partially, just so they can slowly get stale, and imma just leave a corner of milk left, so even if you decide to eat that stale cereal, you would have to use water!!😜

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      • lmbo Petty Josie needed a quick break from making awesome ‘support posts’ to focus on actually writing. Isn’t she a trip?! lmbo.

        You would NEVER be so cold as to ruin a good bag of cereal. I know better. You of all people would NEVER waste food. And the milk thang?! Oh I’ve had hard times before so water will do just fine. I’m no stranger 😉 Bring it!

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      • Yes I do. I do know if I wanna commit that much energy to another uphill battle however. Most of those people are white and wholesome so ya know. I did check it out however and honestly I have more fun doing this than I would if I was to join one of those couponing blogs. I don’t fit their “image” I am however gonna create more of black one soon. And It will be not only how to get deals here in San Francisco but also point out facilities who discriminate towards us. I’m just waiting for my go pro to come and I’ll be set. Look at you tryna pitch ideas. If I blow up Josie would Hella be like “Negro, where is my 15%?”

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      • Wait wait wait. I don’t think you should JOIN anyone’s couponing blog or community. I think you should create you own blog with your own swag. The fact that there is an absence of “blackness” and “swag” in that niche is what makes it such a perfect fit and opportunity for you.

        It absolutely IS too white and wholesome. So introduce a black and “dirty” version for all of us black folk looking to save money with someone who can actually relate to us.

        You don’t need to fit their “image” because its your image that the market is lacking. I loved watching your couponing vids and it made me want to clip a couple, if being honest. There’s a need for you and you can profit off of it. And you LOVE doing it. Boy… better….*insert headslant and puckered lips here* lol

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