The Independent Podcast Hustle

The Podcast game is very similar to the rap game. Standing out and letting people know you exist is the key to the game.

Growing up in Oakland,Ca. or anywhere that was similar to the Bay Area — in terms of pure hustle — exposed me and a host of others to the life of grinding. I always heard about rappers like, Too $hort, E-40 and Mac Dre selling tapes (later C.D’s) independently. Literally slangin’ albums out the back of their trunks!

Why pay for distribution when they were getting off units on their own? Not only are you saving money, but you’re hands on with growing your fanbase. The downside was all the money they had to spend on pressing up albums,money they had to invest, loss of valuable time, and ground work they had to do.

Today’s rappers have it much easier with the advent of Youtube, and every other digital media medium out there. But this piece isn’t about the rap game, no. It’s about the similarities I find with trying to get a Podcast off the ground and becoming household names.

Much like the E-40’s and Too $horts of the world, the people who care for us know what we do. We’ve built a small dedicated few, who know we have something to say. Who give a dedicated listen every episode.

The next step in the journey is letting people outside of our small circle know we have something for their ear canal. Letting word of mouth take it’s course, is definitely slow motion.

We’re on many different Podcast mediums, sure,  but how can we expect people to listen, if they have no clue they should be?


I’ve made flyers, we’ve printed up shirts, coffee mugs, and everything else to let people know about this fire they’re missing in their lives.

Before Episode #1 my enthusiasm was sky high, knowing all we needed was the right person to hear us, and it was crackin!!

I’m still waiting on that person lol.

In a nutshell, we need better ways to promote. Somedays I be on my Kanye West shit, feeling like we the best in the game. Whoever not up on us, well it’s their fault for not knowing.

Other times, I feel like


I got these Podcast, man.


I do love the grind though. And I will say this, more people know us this year then they did any other year I been alive. So, there’s that.

To everyone out there in the game, waiting on people to know your name, keep pushing that product we call content!! 

Whether you’re  blogging, Podcasting, selling merch, rapping, slanging recipes. Never quit until you that fat lady starts singing!

And she can’t sing if she don’t got the mic!✌🏿



    • Man, thank you. I feel exactly how Dave feels. Like Ms. Suede says “friends and family will be the first to brush you off, talking about how busy they are, or that your blog is too long, but they will be the first people to send you some gossip from or Huffington post, or an Instagram meme.”

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  1. It will be all the sweeter when you get that right one to hear you. I think about that all of the time. But the fact is, with each passing podcast, you guys are that much closer to being heard by that right one!

    As they say, burn the ships so there’s no way to go back! There simply is no turning back.

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  2. LMAO I just died at the “I got these Podcast, man” part hahahaha. Man, I definitely understand your struggle and don’t give up. You guys have an awesome Podcast here and it just takes time for word to spread. I don’t know if you’ve already tried Facebook ads but they do wonders for spreading the word online. I use them quite often for certain blog posts/articles. You can even filter who the AD reaches by age, gender, race, interests, etc. Keep pushing!


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