Movie Review #17: Fist Fight 

Ok you know how Valentines Day was on the 14th, right? So what I did was, I went to Walgreens and purchased alot of the Valentines Candy that was 80% off. What? I had all kinds of chocolates and caramels and I only paid $3 for them. Hahahahahah.

Well Fist Fight was an original concept. A punk ass, pansy, weak teacher by the name of Andy Campbell  (Charlie Day), works as an English Teacher at a Roosevelt High School. It happens to be the last day of school, and the Senior pranks are at an all time high. Not only that, the teachers are going through a review to see if they keep their job. The principal named Richard Tyler (Dean Norris) must fire 30 teachers to save money on the budget. Every teacher is shitting bricks, wondering if they’ll keep their job.

Now the school doesn’t care about the students, except for on teacher. Mr. Ron Strickland (Ice Cube). A no nonsense, bad ass teacher who does not give a f!@%. Everyone is terrified of him. Even the teachers. Now conflict is brewing when Mr. Strickland asks Mr Campbell to help him out with an A/V problem in his class. He can’t get a VHS to work. Mr. Campbell finds out that one of his students has a remote control app on his phone, and has been pranking Mr. Strickland. Mr. Strickland immediately gets and axe and starts chopping the kids desk up. Hilarious right?

So to make matters worse Principal Tyler hears about the incident and is threatening to fire one of the teachers. It is there where Mr. Campbell snitches on Mr. Strickland to keep his job.Thats where it begins. Fist Fight after school 3pm. Snitches get stitches.

So throughout the movie, Mr. Campbell confides in his 2 teacher friends. Coach Coward (Tracy Morgan) a Coach/Gym Teacher who has knowledge about the streets and fistfights and Counselor Holly (Jillian Bell) a drug using, pedophile, guidance counselor. They give him several tips on what to do in a fight. Not only that, Mr. Campbell’s wife Maggie (JoAnna Garcia) is pregnant and due any moment and she is taking their 8 year old daughter shopping for a talent show all day.

This movie has parts where it drags on and kinds of bores down, but the talent show scene is comedic classic. I’m not gonna tell you who won the fight, but the talent show is worth watching this whole movie. I give this movie a B-. It could of been a little shorter and it dragged on, and they never explained Mr. Strickland’s reasoning for being so angry. They just had theories about his past. All in all, go see this movie, laugh. It’s something to do.



  1. Thank you for a different review on the movie. Friends went to see it and LOVED it. I was skeptical. Now I may go (or I may wait until it is on video to see the talent show).

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    • Hahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah I remember that movie vaguely. It was refreshing that the previews for fist fight showed alot of black movies coming out

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    • Felt a little like superbad/ knocked up/ 40 year old virgin type of humor. Would I see it again at the movies? No! Would I recommend people to go see it once for laughs, most definitely!

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