Saving money With T-Money part 3

Realing quick y’all, as I said it’s time consuming but it pays off ya know? And if you trying to be petty and use the codes that I did not edit out, be my guest, I already used them. Hahahaha😀 check out the quick video also.



  1. Hey Tbreeze! What’s up? I actually looked at the video when you first posted it but forgot to ‘like’ and comment so here I am!
    But, how you gon’ holler “I’m a born old man?” also “I ain’t got nothing to do.” LOL!!
    I love these videos man! You a trip 🙂

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  2. You KNOW how I feel about the new charges on shopping bags so that reusable one is a great win! Wonder which of your lady friends will be the lucky recipient of those flowers…hmmm 🙂 … I like lillies *cough cough* lmao

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