The NBA’s Deadly 9 (Marksmen)

Ok, after watching the NBA Rising Stars & the 3-Point Shootout, I think I’ve finally arrived at Acceptance Avenue. The NBA is a shooters league now, and it’s Not my era anymore. Everyone (shit, feels like everyone) fires three’s like there is no tomorrow, and that’s what it’s going to be for the foreseeable future.

I still care about shot selection, and percentages, so good luck trying to make me waver on that.

I put together a list of NBA Marksmen, who not only knocks them down, but are among the most accurate:

Qualifications: 250 three attempts or better + accuracy (over 40%)

Otto Porter 


Attempts: 254

Makes: 118

Percentage: 46.5%


Kyle Korver


Attempts: 260

Makes: 117

Percentage: 45%


J.J. Redick


Attempts: 330

Makes: 139

Percentage: 42.1%


Klay Thompson

(Photo: Juan Medina, Reuters)

Attempts: 431

Makes: 182

Percentage: 42.2%


C.J. Miles



 Attempts: 266

Makes: 111

Percentage: 41.7% 


Kyle Lowery

Photo: Tom Szczerbowski/USA Today Sports

Attempts: 444

Makes: 185

Percentage: 41.7%


Nick Young



Attempts: 356

Makes: 147

Percentage: 41.3%


C.J. McCollum



Attempts: 336

Makes: 138

Percentage:  41.1%


Steph Curry

Stephen Curry

Attempts: 537

Makes: 220

Percentage: 41% 







  1. The Wizards are going to have to make a decision on Porter after this year. It will be interesting to see what he can command on the market or whether the Wiz will pony up the cash to keep him. He’s having his best season by far this year.

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