In Defense of Boogie

While the smoke is still clearing in Sacramento, Vlade Divac and the rest of the Kings brass have gone on the offensive to make themselves look good, after one of the most lopsided trades in NBA History.

The effort is failing, mainly because if you have to go out of your way to make yourself look good, well, we see your true colors.

The fact that the Kings are 24-33 this year, and haven’t gone to the playoffs with Boogie is all true, but no one is looking at the real problem: The Kings never surrounded Cousins with any talent to get over any roadblocks nor hurdles!


Thats the Kings picks for the last 11 years. How many cornerstone players did they pick? How many impact players did they draft? Right. Funny thing is it gets even worse when you go back another 1o years.

No it doesn’t give them the best chance. And that first round pick you got won’t be a lottery pick. Bet on it. Even if it were, Vlade wouldn’t do anything with it.

Yes there were technical foul, yes DeMarcus should keep calm more often, but I’d probably be mad too if I knew I would never win, and I was loyal to a fault.


DeMarcus bid an emotional farewell to Sacramento:

All in all the Kings definitely lost that trade hands down, and as a franchise they seem to look even worse than they already did. Possibly the most poorly run organization in sports.

Rest In Peace Buddy Heilds career✌🏿

Feature image by Jonathan Bachman/USA Today






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