2016/17 NBA Midseason Report. Trades & Allstar reaction

Hey there guys. You’re probably wondering why I waited so long to recap the Allstar weekend. No? Meh. Anyways, I wanted to focus on the trades together with the festivities, seeing that they go hand and hand. 

All Star weekend is losing its appeal as I get older. It seems more of a plethora of advertisements and social media gossip, more than focusing on the actual events. The players at times either look tired or disinterested. Like they look like they are not genuinely having fun. So anyways with the exception of the stupid celebrity game, let’s get to the events.

2017 World vs. USA Game (Rising Stars challenge)  

Winner: Team World. 

MVP: Jamal Murray 

These games are just a bunch of Dunks and 3s with no Defense. Granted my petty ass still watched and I knew the world team would win.

2017 Skills Contest Winner: Kristaps Porzingis 

Yawn. Change the channel Marge. Hahahaahahahahaha booooorrrrrrriiiiinnnngggg. 

2017 3pt Shootout Winner: Eric Gordon

This was the highlight of my night. I honestly thought Kyrie Irving was going to win. But as Dave says “Eric Gordon doesn’t jump, so he’s built for this contest.” This was a great contest. Went to overtime. Gotta strategies them money balls. 

2017 NBA Slam Dunk contest winner: Glenn Robinson III 

Well at least it was better than when Fred Jones won it in 2004. They had to pick a winner and his dunks were goid. Not great but good. But there’s too much hype. 2016 was awesome and I know that there should be some changes. For instance. If you miss a dunk, you have to do another dunk. No more 5 attempts to do a crappy eastbound dunk.

2017 NBA Allstar game MVP: Anthony Davis 

So he scored the most points in an all star game that plays no D? Gotcha. But don’t front like touchdowns didn’t know this was predetermined on who gets the reward. Haha.

2017 NBA Trades:

Well the Trade deadline just passed a few hours ago. But let’s recap all the trades in the past month leading up to today’s deadline. 

Phoenix Suns Receive: Jared Sullinger, 2017 second-round pick, 2018 second-round pick

Toronto Raptors Receive: SF P.J. Tucker

Toronto Is really trying to make a leap past the Cavs with this trade and I am loving it. Jared Sullinger out of shape ass will lose some weight in the desert. 

Atlanta Hawks Receive: Cash/Trade exception

Phoenix Suns Receive: PF Mike Scott

Mike Scott is an Athletic dude who can really be a pest on defense, when motivated.

Denver Nuggets Receive: Roy Hibbert

Milwaukee Bucks Receive:  2nd round pick, $5 million trade exception

So Denver gets another big??? A big waste of space. Hahahaahahahahaha. 

Houston Rockets Receive: PG Marcelo Huertas

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: PG Tyler Ennis

Ok look at the Lakers, listening to me about getting rid of Huertas. I heard the Rockets will waive Huertas. But whatever. Ennis should fit, right on in with the bandits.

Chicago Bulls Receive: C Joffrey Lauvergne, SG Anthony Morrow, PG Cameron Payne

Oklahoma City Thunder Receive: PF/C Taj Gibson, SF/PF Doug McDermott, 2018 second-round pick

It was about time, Taj Gibson left. His toughness will be appreciated in OKC paired with Steven “The Stash” Adams. McDermott with Oladipo and Russ. Look out. The Bulls are officially NBA purgatory. Them and the Kings, Nets and Magic. 

Brooklyn Nets Receive: SG K.J. McDaniels

Houston Rockets: Trade Exception

But K.J. is going to Brooklyn to do what exactly? All that athleticism just going to waste. Sigh. 

Dallas Mavericks Receive: C Nerlens Noel

Philadelphia 76ers Receive: C Andrew Bogut, SF Justin Anderson, 2017 1st round pick. 

Nerlens Noel will flourish under Rick Carlisle and with Harrison Barnes in Dallas running thangs, sky is the limit for for Nerlens. Bogut will probably not play or be used sparingly. 

Atlanta Hawks Receive: PF Ersan Ilyasova

Philadelphia 76ers Receive: C Tiago Splitter, 2017 second-round pick. 

Look at Atlanta finding quality pieces for Millsap and Company. Good move. 

Brooklyn Nets Receive: SF/PF Andrew Nicholson, SG Marcus Thornton, 2017 first-round pick

Washington Wizards Receive: SF Bojan Bogdanovic, PF Chris McCullough

So Thornton goes back to the Nets? Sigh. Well at least Bojan will help out the Wizards with the scoring off the bench.

Houston Rockets Receive: PG/SG Lou Williams 

Los Angeles Lakers: SG/SF Corey Brewer, 2017 first-round pick

Great trade for both teams. Lou Williams will be in hog heaven on a team where they shoot nothing but 3s. Corey Brewer brings toughness, championship experience, leadership, and professionalism to the locker room and high energy on the court. 

New Orleans Pelicans Receive: SF/PF Omri Casspi, C DeMarcus Cousins 

Sacramento Kings Receive: SG/SF Tyreke Evans, PG Langston Galloway, SG Buddy Hield, 2017 first-round pick, 2017 second-round pick.

So I wonder how Tyreke Evans feels about going back to Sac? New Orleans please welcome Omri Casspi. Hahahahahaha. Man I hope Buddy Heild becomes a star.

Charlotte Hornets Receive: C Chris Andersen 

Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: 2017 second round pick


Orlando Magic Receive: SG/SF Terrence Ross and a 1st Round Pick

Toronto Raptors Receive: PF/C Serge Ibaka

Probably the most underrated trade this season. Serge will be back to his old self in Toronto. Terrence Ross better start playing some D or he will be out of the league soon. 

Denver Nuggets Receive: C Mason Plumlee, 2018 second-round pick

Portland Trail Blazers Receive: C Jusuf Nurkic, 2017 first-round pick 

Plumlee is a Playmaking big and will mesh well with Joker. Jusuf will never see The ball in Rip City due to Dame and CJ playing keep away with the whole team 

Charlotte Hornets Receive: C Miles Plumlee

Milwaukee Bucks Receive: PF/C Spencer Hawes, C Roy Hibbert


So there you have it folks. You can now for back to sleep, and we will wake you up when teams starts playing hard for playoff positioning. Thank you for checking us out.



    • I know right? Parr if me feels like the players are exhausted with the 24 hour news cycle but that’s the job they signed up to do. And when they get snubbed, they get to the fans. It’s like they will play hard just to say they are an all-star because it looks good on their career resume. But when they get to the game, it’s just an exhibition.


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