Detroit Is Beautiful

Live From Woodward

Over the last couple of months of exploring my new host city, I’ve heard the negative comments, from those in the suburbs, as well as those back home. From people who have never been to Detroit, and those who hate it for one reason or the other. What I’ve found is, people just want to have something to say. And I’m glad I don’t listen. We have traveled around and I have taken many flicks of all the beauty Detroit has to offer. This is me, celebrating the positive of beautiful Detroit, MI. [95 % of the pics I took myself, can you guess which ones aren’t mine?]

Lets get on the 94 and explore…


Woodward avenue (M-1) is a main thoroughfare with a lot of historical buildings to look at. Excuse the construction. They are building a light rail. And this is where your Detroit teams play. [Pistons coming…

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  1. Greektown, the Fist of Joe Louis , the sun setting on the city…all that that just wowed me! I’m so glad you shared. I was just talking to Tareau about how the only things I’ve ever heard about Detroit were negative and clearly there’s much more than what I’ve been told. It reminds me of Chicago and how people are so critical of the city due to the violence it represents. But there is so much beauty here that I almost disappear in it! I thought it was cool that Detroit also has a 94 East as does Chicago! Ours is Interstate 90/94.

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      • Oh haha, I guess that would make sense seeing that we are only 4 hours away. I didn’t realize that I could make a weekend trip to Detroit! I might do that soon, actually. I could use a quick vaca. Can you and your wife recommend some other places that I could visit on a solo trip to Detroit?!

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      • Never been! It’ll be my first trip. For some reason, I’m feeling like being on my Nia Long when I get out there and take these dope black and white photos of the city.

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