The Couch Sports Podcast EP.59

Featuring Brotha Eddie Star from

Pleasantries (:55 – 2:10) Eddie reviews the new movie ‘Get Out’ & the fellas discuss (2:12 -13:25), Gentrification of the mind — Acceptance vs Solutions  (13:28 – 37:12) The Black Family  (37:13 – 46:28) Imagery of the Black Man [Sidebar W/Becky Barron @49:45] (46:30 – 53:28) Why Black People Can’t Find Mates ( 53:30 – End) Tune in Tomorrow for Part II of this 3 Part series with Brotha Eddie Star!


or Listen this way:

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  1. Hey guys! Loved this one too. “White ice is better” is definitely being added to my list of phrases. I do want to say that we should also be leery about stereotyping private schools as better, in terms of the education that our children receive. It depends on the school and what you’re comparing it to. Also, public schools improve by keeping our best and brightest there and also being more active as parents. A lot of times we’ll do things in collaboration with a private (or charter) school, like volunteer, because they demand it but never seek out ways to be active in our own public schools. Just a thought 😉


      • lol I can totally relate. It was a decent in length so I won’t even try to retype it lol. It was sometime last week, I think. If you can’t find it – no biggy. When I tried to resubmit it, I received a prompt saying it was a duplicate comment so I thought it went through. 😦

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      • Sorry about that Sista Josie. Some days it’s so much going on I forget everything I’m supposed to be doing. I’m learning how to slow down. I already have a terrible memory, but I have the nerve to try and take mental notes lol

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      • It’s totally okay! I was just worried that I didn’t send it properly. I love the podcast and wanted to make sure you guys knew I was listening :D.

        You should see my checklist of things to do…WHEW its heavy. I can’t even do the “mental note” thing – I’ll be forgetting stuff left and right. One day at a time, right?!

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