Movie Review #19: Rock Dog

Snuck in some Butterfinger minis for this one. Rock Dog is an animated film about a young bullmastiff named Bodi (voiced by Luke Wilson) who lives in a remote village in China. His father Khampa  (voiced by J.K. Simmons) is the guardian of the town’s inhabitants who are sheep. Long ago the village would make music until one day, the evil wolves decided to attack. The wolves leader is named Linnux (voiced by Lewis Black) is hell bent on eating all the sheep in the Village, but lost a previous battle with Khampa and have been plotting his revenge ever since his defeat.

Khampa is trying to teach Bodi how to fight and protect the sheep. Jodi has other ambitions of being a kick ads guitar player, after Khampa banned the village from playing music. A jet flies by and drop a crate containing a radio. And this is the first time that Bodi hears rock music. Bodi is determined to meet the musician he heard on the radio named Angus Scattergood (voiced by Eddie Izzard). Eventually Khampa agrees to send Bodi to the big city in search of his newly found idol. Once Bodi arrives in the city, he heads to a musician park and tries out for a band but ultimately he loses to Trey (voiced by Matt Dillion). After the battle he befriends Darma (voiced by Mae Whitman) and Germur (voiced by  Jorge Garcia) who are 2 of the members of Trey’s band.

Meanwhile Angus is under press from his record label, to come up with a hot new track. In the midst of all this, Bodi is seeking the tutelage of Angus. Also Linnux has sent his goons to follow and capture Bodi hoping to extort information about his father’s operation.

This movie had some cool rock and roll music but that’s it. It was a boring ads cartoon movie and with no attachment or connection with any of the characters. It was way too dry. I give this movie a D. This movie has no replay value and it was not even funny. Not even a lil bit.



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