Cleveland Cavaliers break the 3pt record.

​ (press link) 

Wow. As you know, I am no way a Cavs fan. However, I am a NBA fan and I must give credit where credit is due. Last night, March 3rd 2017, the Cleveland Cavaliers faced off against the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta. On a night where the ATL retired the great Pistol Pete‘s 

jersey, and also Kyle Korver making his return, the Cavs stole the show. I’m not writing this lil post to dick ride the Cavs. I am writing because an important, underrated part of this record is not being talked about. 

The Cavs shot 46 3 pointers last night, and made 25 of them. 25 people. That’s 54% from downtown. To me, that is more impressive than anything because it was well within the flow of the game. It wasn’t like *cough HOUSTON ROCKETS. cough* just jacking up 3 pointers. And you know, I am not a big stats guy. But check this out: LeBron went 6 for 10, Kyrie went 5 for 8, Channing Frye  went 3 for 6, Iman Shumpert went 2 for 6, Kyle Korver went 3 for 7, Derrick Williams went 3 for 4, and Richard Jefferson went 3 for 5. All this without J.R. Smith and Kevin Love

Do you guys think the defending champions can pull it off again? Let me know in the comments section. ✌



    • And what kills me is all the praise everyone gets. “Well, it is the new NBA.” How can we as fans justify a bench player taking 15 3’s in a game?

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      • No one can. I realized most fans are brain washed to except whatever is fed to them, on their entertainment plate. I’ve been finding new things to care about. I’m reinventing how I see sports, and fandom, and I’m about to come from a whole new angle on shit. I’m over being mad at shit. I’m creating my own way to enjoy things, so I can keep my blood pressure down hahaha

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