Evolution of a Bus Driver

I ❤️ Transit

Do you remember the Chappelle Show skit, called the 3 Dave’s? Well, this is very similar. But it’s the bus driver addition! It took a few years, but I’ve realized, driving is apart of my being. It’s instrumental in shaping me into who I am.

When I’m behind the wheel I feel I am the best driver in America — dare say the world. Driving a bus is the one thing I’m borderline arrogant about. However you have to be on your toes, it’s pure multitasking, decision making, and so much more going on than what the average passenger sees.

Along the way I’ve learned patience, mastered the art of small talk, and I have met some cool people along the way. I want to share a bit about “The Dave” with those who don’t know my background:

Foothill Transit

Circa 2011. Have no clue what I was “pondering”…

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  1. Oh, we know our drivers aren’t robots, but human. Mr. “You’re going to jail now!” reminded us all lmaoooooo. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I think being a bus driver sounds like an adventurous job. Seeing different personalities and hearing different stories…

    I also think its a huge responsibility to take so many lives into your hands and also to remain a pleasant face to so many (often rude and emotional) strangers. Much respect!

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    • Thank you for reading. Sorry I’m late on replying. It is a huge responsibility and most folk don’t see that. But it’s all good. Actually the biggest compliment to a driver is when people fall asleep on the bus. That means people trust you. And of course a thank you on the way out of the door. Problems occur when the lines of communication drop. Even when someone has an attitude, you can use neutral words to move people along. At the end of the day, I want to go home the same way I came to work!

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      • Whenever I’m on the bus, I fall asleep ALL of the time so they must love me hahaha. Well, unless I’m in the neighborhoods where I might get robbed :/ . This IS Chicago, ya know! haha. Let me not play into that… smh shame on me. I feel you though! You want to leave and arrive alive. With the same smile on your face that you had when you hopped on the bus in the morning!

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