Support #8: Thriftelementblog 

Hello all. I was slipping for the longest time. I bought this shirt, during the election in November, but failed to post it. is a black owned t-shirt business who has all these cool phrases and designs. I purposely chose this t-shirt because Dick Gregory is an underrated person in Black History. Little do we know, he ran for president back in the mid 60s even securing around 35,000 votes. Plus he doesn’t hold his tongue for no one. You gotta love it. You can check them out here

Know of any other small black businesses in needing of Support? Drop us a line and we will check em out.



  1. Brother, I so want one of those! Also should tell you, I almost tapped a dude on the BART today thinking it was you! I didn’t ’cause I’d have been shamed to be wrong!👍🏾🚈🗣

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  2. Right on. I wish they had more shirts. They are very professional and they notify you every step of the process.


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