Official Video for Podcast #62

The People’s Champs, break down extreme fandom, Dave is back in love with music, and more!


  1. Nice. I’ve always thought that some women really are just dressing and competing with one another. I’m almost positive that most men want someone who has all their natural parts (e.g., hair, booty, etc.), but for some reason we keep doing stuff to change everything. Probably has something to do with self-love 😉

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    • I agree. The problem is if I as a man say I’m not attracted to plastic women, than I’m labeled a hater or a chauvinistic pig. But if a woman doesn’t like me for being light skin or because my teeth aren’t straight or because this this and that than it’s ok. I’m at the stage in my life where if someone isn’t attracted to u than oh well. Not everybody is for everybody.

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