Movie Review #21: Logan 

Yea I snuck in some good ole fashioned Skittles and was waiting for this. Man oh man. If you’re a Marvel Comics fan and an action movie fan, you MUST see this movie. Let’s get into it. 

Hugh Jackman is Logan aka Wolverine  (duh) and the Year is 2039. Logan’s healing factor is failing him and with all the X-Men and mutants dead, Logan has relocated Professor X (Patrick Stewart) to Mexico. Logan has no money, so he works as a Limo driver. When he makes money he buys prescription pills for Professor X through a doctor he meets outside of a hospital. The world has declared Professor X’s mind legally dangerous, so that is why Logan has him in hiding. Professor X is losing his mind without his meds and he tells Logan that there are still mutants in the world to be found. Logan does not believe him however. The movie starts off with a lot of blood and violence and I couldn’t be happier as a Marvel Comics fan. Finally they let Wolverine loose. I know with the success of Deadpool, the writers realize that it’s okay for superheroes to curse, have sex, drink, do drugs etc. Because quite honestly, little kids aren’t really looking up to superheroes like they did in my day. 

Anywho, Logan is approached by a lady multiple times. Her name is Gabriella (Elizabeth Rodriguez). Logan is annoyed at Gabriella’s persistance so she agrees to pay him $20k if he can help her. She needs Logan to ensure safe passage to her daughter Laura aka X23  (Dafne Keen) to North Dakota. Logan is unaware that Laura is a mutant and he assumes that this will be an easy $20k so he agrees. 

Once Logan tells Professor X of this, The Professor tells Logan that the Laura is much like him. Now the reason why Laura needs to get to safe passage is because, Zander Rice (Richard Grant) is hot on their heels. Zander is experimenting on little kids in Mexico, much like the Weapon X program. Zander hires the Reavers and their leader is Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook). The Reavers are half human/half cyborg. 

Now picture Wolverine as a Little girl, but she has retractable claws from her Hands and Feet. She is a lil savage and she does not fuck around. Elise Neal & Eriq LaSalle havr a small part in this film. This movie is very long but worth it. I am not going to tell you more, you will have to see what happens. I give this movie an A-. I would give it a plus but once you watch it, I could tell you my reasoning. 


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