How to Fix the Lakers in 4 Easy Steps

With a record of  20-47 the Los Angeles Lakers are under official reconstruction. There is transition afoot. With the much publicized hiring of Lakers great Magic Johnson to become President of Basketball Operations, and the hiring of new General Manager Rob Pelinka, the Lakers look poised to climb closer toward the familiar — winning. The Lakers have a surplus of young talent, and a bright basketball mind in first year coach Luke Walton. Los Angeles could get back to their winning ways with  a hand full of moves. Simple ones that won’t break the bank, yet catapult them at least to the playoffs next season.

1. Get a real point guard D’Angelo isn’t and never was the answer. The old adage of wait on a player to fully develop  only applies to players with star potential.

d russ

His underwhelming 15 points, 4.8 assist a game is just as bad as his 13 shots per game. 13! That’s the most on the team. So D’Angelo couldn’t wait for Kobe to leave so he could be the one to jack up shots. Got it. Russell also takes the second most threes on the team (6 per), right behind Nick Young (7 per), and only makes 35% of his attempts.

If we are being honest, the Lakers are terrible enough to get a high draft pick, and they don’t have to go far to find their point guard of the future; that’s right I’m talking Lonzo Ball! Magic Johnson knows point guards, and he most likely sees the ball doesn’t move. If we see it, he sees it. Lakers fans, get ready for the draft.


2. Sign solid veterans not named Paul George There are a plethora of good players that’ll be free this summer, and the Lakers have to capitalize on finding not only good locker room guys, but solid veterans that these young players can learn from on the court as well. If you can’t get Lonzo Ball in the draft, you can always aim to pick up George Hill, or Jeff Teague. To help the fanbase get over the signing of Timofey Mozgov, You could go after Greg Monroe, or a definite cheaper option in Nene.

Paul George is a great option, but it will stunt the growth of Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson and Brandon Ingram. Paul is in win now mode, and a certified superstar, he’s going to need the ball, and I’m not sure how that meshes with youngsters who know nothing about winning yet. This is a growth stage in their careers.


3. Patience in Young Core Oklahoma City once had Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Serge Ibaka on the same team. And before you say these players aren’t those players, YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THOSE PLAYERS WOULD TURN OUT THE WAY THEY DID. 

I said it.jpg

You never know how some good some players will turn out, given the right circumstances, i.e. surrounding players, coaches, upper management, work ethic etc. Given my scenario of getting rid of D’Angelo,and Mozgov, the Lakers also need to trade away Nick young, and Luol Deng as well. These young cats need positive influences that can bring out the best in them. I actually like Deng, but that contract has to go so the Lakers can sign solid veterans who can contribute to wins.



4. Trust the Process This isn’t the 76ers, or the New York Knicks, we are talking about the Los Angeles fucking Lakers. The fanbase is used to winning. So is the organization. Hell we all grew up being used to seeing the Lakers win more often than not. Lakers fans can be impatient, and so can everyone else involved.

Young Luke.jpg

The Los Angeles Lakers have a young bright coach in Luke Walton, who already has an unofficial Coach of The Year award. He learned from the best in his career, knows how to win, knows what it looks like, and just needs time.

Magic and Pelinka just need to keep adding positive pieces to the puzzle, and don’t make desperate moves do to pressure. They have to remember, they are the ones in charge, and as long as they do better after each and every move, everyone invested in Los Angeles, and the Lakers can sleep better at night.

Leave your comments below if you agree or disagree, and if you want me to fix your team, leave me a comment as well.✌🏿




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