Tareau’s Three Tunes Tuesdays

Ok, I figure I share with you good folks some music from my library every Tuesday. I will be selecting 3 songs. Seeing that I listen to a wide variety of music. Meet me in the comments to discuss.

Marsha Ambrosius “Stronger”

The beautifully gifted singer had T-Money’s blessing to redo Sade’s “Love Is Stronger Than Pride” off of Sade’s Stronger Than Pride album, which was released in 1988. You can find Marsha’s version off her 2014 album Friends & Lovers. 


Ann Peebles “Trouble Heartaches and Sadness” 

I remember always listening to this song every time my Uncle Renaldo would take me out for one of our crazy adventures. It was always playing in the speakers outside where he hung out at. This song is off of Ann’s Straight from the heart album. I love the pain on her voice. 


Link “I really wanna sex your body” 

Man y’all remember Link? The 69 song called “Whatcha gonna do”? This song right here though? Man oh man. Hahahaha don’t hurt em Young Tareau. I had to bring it out of retirement. A lot of people do not remember, so it’s my pleasure to take it back. Link also wrote “My Body” by L.S.G. You can find this song on Link’s debut album called Sex Down. 


Well I hope You enjoyed my 3 songs. Check back eveey Tuesday for 

Tareau’s Three Tunes Tuesdays



  1. I got in, put my phone away because I intended to dive in to work, then I open wordpress and see this. You, sending me to music. Yep I fell for it. Phone out, earphones in listening to all of them. Anything Marsha Ambrosius is good listening. Ann Peebles “Trouble Heartaches and Sadness” is a good one. Never heard that one before so thanks for the introduction. That last one…Late night listening. Gotta go get my mind back to right so I can do di people dem wuk! 🙂
    Thanks for the music and Happy Tuesday!!!

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  2. something about “Ann Peebles – Trouble Heartaches & Sadness” just made me want to sit on my invisible front porch and drink a tall glass of lemonade while staring at the cars drive by. Just saying… :/

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