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As we all know by now, anyone who attains fame is adored. Worshipped even. People will hang onto your every word, with that goofy look on their face, as if you’re really touching their heart.

In my armchair-psychologist opinion, it has everything to do with the insignificance one feels about their own life or accomplishments — or lack thereof. Something can be said about someone who works harder than everyone else to become good enough to “make it,” and vice versa.

For those who haven’t thought much of themselves since childhood and never went for any of their dreams because of it, are usually the ones who buy up every tabloid, watch TMZ, or consume all this television, that makes up this celebrity obsessed country. While the rest of us wonder, “who the hell are these people?!”

For example, President Trump can say whatever pops into his head, and his supporters will run with it, like God himself came down and delivered the message. Famous people are treated as if they are saviors all because they have wealth, and TV makes heroes out of people usually because of their money.

Yesterday, Donald Trump had this to say about Colin Kapernick,

“There was an article today … that NFL owners don’t want to pick him up because they don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump,” the president said. “Do you believe that?”

Then the crowd went nuts, as if they were under a spell. As if it were the greatest thing ever said.

Let’s be clear about a couple of things: For starters, the combination of Kapernicks lack of quarterbacking ability, i.e. his lack of accuracy, lack of touch, and his inconsistency is the biggest reason for his current unemployment. However, someone will sign him. Mark my words.

Secondly, the first amendment right that is supposed to be enjoyed by all Americans really only applies to those who are adored by the media. Meaning if you are someone the mainstream media doesn’t give a shit about for any reason, they have the power to vilify you. Have you forgot about the Malcolm X quote:


Chances are you either don’t know that quote or you were conditioned to forget about it because, you have always been conditioned to forget about people who have tried to wake up the people.

So while you’re on your $1300 laptop, sipping your, $10 coffee, while cyber stalking people that have a fake better life than yours remember this: Flint still doesn’t have clean water, the president still doesn’t know what he’s doing, that celebrity you are told to worship, probably hates their life, and the people who’s land really belongs to, may be extinct before your grandkids are grown.✌🏿



  1. Whewww! Fire piece brother Dave! Trump is absolutely out of his mind. Kaepernick has had trouble getting playing time because he is a subpar athlete. None of this has anything to do with Trump’s twitter fingers lol.

    It is also kind of sad that Kaepernick is encountering these difficulties and now he has decided to stand during the anthem. I remember some of Tareau’s opinions on this – as he always felt Kaep was a fraud lol. Is this a necessary compromise? Does this mean he was simply an opportunist for taking a knee before? What do you think?

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    • It’s weird because now that Kaep wants a job, he says he’ll stand for the anthem now. It’s wild to me. It furthers Tareau’s point. However the “President” is so busy trying to be popular, but he only appeals to those in the sticks that are broke and angry

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    • Kaepernick is brave. I’ve said it all the time. Because of what he did. For me it was always the timing of it. I wouldn’t be so hard on him if he had done this when we (49ers) were good. Did I know it was going to cost him a job? Of course. The problem isn’t with his protest. Most of the NFL are GOP, right wing, tea party, Trump supporters. He was basically saying (at the time) the 4th verse of the National Anthem is to justify slavery. Which is true. But wasn’t he still collecting a check from the same racist organization? Isn’t he trying to change his image by now saying he will stand? I wish he wouldn’t of said that. I wish he would of kept on kneeling if that’s what he truly believed. Because now he is saying that he feels America is in a better place and he made his point. Unless this is a modern day Robin Hood, I don’t by it. However, for Trump to try and sabatoge him getting a job is just cold at the same time. Some would argue because American Football is an “American Game” and not kneeling for the National Anthem is considered a disrespect to the armed services, shouldn’t the commander in chief be eligible to comment? I am no way taking Trumps side, but that’s how the perception if you are a Trump Supporter.

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      • I wish he would continue kneeling as well. If anything, there is more of a reason to kneel this season than last season in light of Trump’s presidency. What do you mean by “shouldn’t the commander and chief be eligible to comment” ?

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      • That’s what Trump supporters are saying out here. “It’s an American issue so the president of the United States is more qualified than anyone to speak on this.” That was a caller from the conservative news show hosted by Michael Savage. That’s how THEY view it.

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  2. I hope he doesn’t start standing just to get a job. I know he takes a lot of hits for it but I would hate to see him back down from this.

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  3. Dave you are on it as usual! YAAASSS!
    Meanwhile Drumph and all of his comrades are slowly dismantling our government.
    Folks will be too dumb, too sick and too hungry to do anything about it!

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    • Sorry Sista G I didn’t see this comment. I apologize! I don’t know what America is becoming, but the future doesn’t look that bright from where I’m sitting. Cold part about it is, you’re right, by the time everyone realizes the real, it’ll be way too late. Shit, we can’t even say, “told you so” because we’ll be in the same boat.

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