Vlog on Twerking, Feminist, Body Shaming, from a Single Black Father POV



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Hey there everyone. I hope you have a great weekend. If you have 5 minutes to spare, please watch a VLOG I did on my break. It’s a quick 5 minute VLOG on Iggy Azelea‘s new song called “Mo Bounce.”  I also talk about SexismCulture Appropriation, Sex, Misogyny, Rap, Ladies, Fatherhood, Feminist etc. I really appreciate the love and support and would love to hear from you, The Reader. Thank You 



  1. For the first part, I agree that white women get a pass on everything, especially when it comes to cultural appropriation.

    For the second part (e.g., twerking), I think twerking = sex. And a lot of times feminism is equated with being liberated from a patriarchal society that has regulated women’s bodies. Sometimes that means finding ways for women to express themselves sexually within the system as a way to “take back” their/our sexuality and do whatever we’d like with it.

    That’s not what Iggy Azalea is doing lol. What she is doing is called cultural appropriation and also using her body to sell music.

    But I do think some women entertainers purposefully and successfully use their bodies in ways to dispel the shame that was once put upon us about sex and sexuality.

    With that said, I have two daughters. As their mother, I’m the role model for my girls. I show them what’s appropriate by letting them see me dress and act appropriately in different situations. Would I ever walk out of the house showing my butt? No. Do I dress and act differently when I’m with a group of girlfriends, as opposed to when I’m going to meet with a group of women who potentially will buy my book, of course. Also, I don’t condemn media where women show their bodies and twerk (or act differently than I do). I do talk about what my daughters watch on TV (Bad Girls Club) and ask them what they think about it and its reality.

    Finally, they have a father who shows them what he values in a woman simply by being married to me and respecting me daily.

    I say all of this to say, I take media images of women for what they’re worth.

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    • Thank you for the clarity. I feel what you mean on the second part. But I have to go back to the first part where black women got called all the worse names in the book. (See Juveniles “Back dat ass up” in 1998). But isn’t it hypocritical to want the sexual freedom that you deserve but subconsciously render the majority of the female populous self conscience and self worth down? I don’t see natural women doing that action and that’s why I mention about the crows feet and stretch marks etc. I can’t teach my daughter to be a woman. But for the longest times us men sensationalized these actions and now I notice it’s not the men who are doing it. I’m standing up for us dudes who don’t like the fake asses and all the other unrealistic beauty expectations that’s thrown on these young ladies.

      Can you elaborate on your closing sentence??

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      • Aha yes and I meant to say vilifying us for doing that is just racist.

        I think media in general (especially today) is there to entertain and persuade, but what we end up getting is an informal education about everything. If no one is there to have honest and regular convos with our children about reality, then they’ll grow up respecting and praising those images instead of something else.

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    • I’d say the good doctor has covered it pretty doggone well.

      But what I wanna know is why she using a US Southern accent in her flow. I thought she was from Australia or New Zealand.
      That befuddles the hell out of me.

      Hey, if you are a shake dancer from Decatur GA trying to make your money to survive ….it is what it is!
      But if you are a white woman from Australia ACTING like a shake dancer from Decatur GA in a video that’s NOT cool. Cultural appropriation all day long ! Anything for that money.

      But I have an excellent response to all of that mess and she goes by the name of Janelle Monae! The promise of the future.

      Seriously Tareau, see if you can find a woman in your community that you admire and who would be willing to be a mentor to your daughter. Better yet, ask your daughter who she admires and see if you can expose her to more ladies like that.

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      • Thank you for your thoughts Lady G. Janelle Monae is the truth. And I will talk to my lil lady again. I don’t know why I felt compelled to make that VLOG, but I am getting great answers and feedback.

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  2. Great video. That’s why it is important for us to remind our little girls of how women should act. Izzy is white and things are different if you’re white. We have to set the standard on what is appropriate. Sex sells and the music industry is all about selling sex. Stop our children from listening and seeing things that are inappropriate.

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    • Thank you for your brilliant insight Mrs.T. I try to instill those values in my daughter, but at the end of the day, I can’t teach her how to be a lady. I just hate that Black women were called all the worst names in the world for doing the same thing.

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      • Yep, but I’m an advocate for teaching our girls that we are not defined by the words of others. You are a beautiful and magnificent human being and it will never be fair, but you were born to fly regardless of those that try to hold you down.

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