It’s Time To Live

Life is an experience. We’re all characters in this movie that we call life.

However, not everyone is enjoying their roles. Some feel as though they are merely extras in this movie. Subconsciously, some of us don’t even want to be in a leading role in our own life. Or, maybe some have no clue they can be.

Television, and society teaches us to sit back, buy, consume, and be docile. The world is a scary place, be safe and buy.

It’s time to change the narrative

We treat our bodies like shit, we walk around bitter, and take many things for granted. We are essentially passing time and waiting for lifes’ credits to come on. Essentially we are merely existing, and not living.


No more taking your life for granted. We are walking miracles!

Keisha Allen


Your body is a vessel, and your brain is a computer. We can see, taste, touch, smell and feel. Do you realize how fucking awesome that is?

Have you any clue what a blessing it is to do any of that? But we take every sense we have for granted, as well as the miracle that life really is. It’s suppose to be an experience. Think of it as a game. A first person game. Their so much to do, yet perceivably so little time. There’s a time limit for all of us, and none of know how long we get. So why aren’t most people trying to have as much fun and have as many experiences as we can?

We’re suppose to be exploring, and doing the things we did as children — you know, trying new things, and being curious. In other words taking it all in. Being happy.

Unfortunately, somewhere between our teenage years and adulthood we become increasingly jaded, and increasingly care less about how awesome it is just to simply see nature. We knowingly and unknowingly spend more time soaking up the vibes and opinions of cynical individuals. It shapes the way our minds work.


I for one, want to get back into recognizing the miracle of living. The simplicity of just wiggling my fingers through thought.


Even just walking. We don’t tell our legs to move, but they move, and our brain makes that happen. We take everything for granted. That is until we lose the ability to do the very things we don’t appreciate.

22 days away from my 36th birthday. And I think I finally appreciate the blessing of life.

Your body is a miracle, so take care of it. How else are you going to be able to explore, and move around. Each body part serves an important function, internal ones especially.

If you think of your body as a vehicle, food is gas, and water is the oil for your engine. Why put none performance food in your system? Why deprive your system or litter it with debris?

Funny thing is, it’s all learned behavior but we can all adjust before it’s too late.

Your eyes let you take in the beauty of life, and absorb visuals, into your memory bank.

Take care of all your senses. Lets enjoy life. It is to be enjoyed.

Remember, we have no clue when this ride is over. It’s like a game of permanent musical chairs, and everyday 100’s of people are out of the game.


One comment

  1. I couldn’t have said it any better! People are jaded because they are to in tune with the media (all forms) instead of being in tune with themselves and God’s creations. Reiterating what you said, “Go outside and enjoy nature like you did when you were young.”
    Pushing the same message in this on ( trying to get people to enjoy the little things in life that they take for granted; like their vision, feet, hearing, etc…


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