Hand Rail Project

So this is a quick piece on a side project of a bigger project I have going on.

My Lair (because I hate the term “Man Cave”) is being transformed (by yours truly) and I’m getting the entrance together first. As in the stairs, the the walls leading down, and of course the hand rails.

Ideally I want wooden stairs, and sports memorabilia lining the walls of the staircase. Before I get the stairs in order, I’ve decided to get to something that was bugging me: The handrails.

Multiple paint colors, plaster, and who knows what else from various “home improvement” projects from previous owners where caked up on it.


Pole BF 1

So, I figured I had to get to sanding. Originally I was going to use a hand held sanding block…

Then I realized there was a better option:

The Bosch Random Orbit sander.


Took off all that nonsense!


Pole BF 2

On to the fun part!

Wood Stain

And this is my end result:

Pole AF 3

Yes I went dark. As you can see, MiniWax wood finish (ebony 2718)


Pole AF 4


Annnnd this is the bigger project that I’m taking on. The key to the whole shebang. I can’t wait to show the progress, as well as the end result to these stairs.


Staircase BF 1

Until next time ✌🏿



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