The New World

The American economy feels as though it’s slowly crumbling downhill, like a California rock slide. The moral compass of American citizens has collectively shifted, guiding even level-headed thinkers into a darker mental territory. American politics is dividing people further apart, especially those who could stand to benefit from some understanding.

 After year one of the pandemic, people began to realize they didn’t have to work, shifting the proverbial ball in the people’s court. Unemployment was paying more, gig work was abundant, and for the already unmotivated — laziness was in hyperdrive. Employers began practically begging people to come work. 

In year two, people still weren’t returning to the work force in the numbers the government hoped, and people were starting to feel the pain of their miscalculations — stemming from the Cancel Rent movement.

People tend to paint their idea of a landlord with a broad brush. To the dismay of chaos creators, every landlord isn’t a corporate entity. Mom and pop landlords have been apart of the American landscape for a very long time. What social media would have you believe is there are either greedy corporations, or a guy driving a fancy car, with his mistress in the passenger seat, putting pressure on poor people just trying to get by. The truth is, the person(s) who crossed their T’s and dotted their I‘s were finally getting ready to taste that sweet American pie, then poof — they found themselves at war with people who rather spend their money on bars and restaurants then a place to live. Now they’re on the brink of losing the very property that barely keeping their lives intact, somehow becoming the enemy of the people, and on the verge of losing their property to an actual corporation

Combine the financial strain with the large spike in crime country-wide, things feel bleak.

Tiny homes still have some popularity, but only among those truly seeking that life. Some people have given up searching for land to attain legally and just camp wherever — including on the lawn of home owners. In these unprecedented times, people are venturing into whatever open area they can find away from other people. While some, are camping out wherever they please — whether it inconveniences your life or not. 

Currently, as a country, it feels like we’re in flux. A weird fog even. There’s no clear direction from the commander in chief, the news has become a haven for propaganda, politicians are pointing fingers,and social media has sane people preoccupied with God knows what today. 

This was an excerpt from the current chapter of a book I’m working on. I wanted to post this because it’s a reflection of the current state of American society. Plus I miss blogging. Hello to everyone we connected with over the years.

— Dave (From The Couch Sports)



    • Mrs. Garland I sincerely apologize for just now seeing this. I wrote that last piece and logged out until today. I truly am sorry for that. I’m back now. Tareau isn’t writing anymore… at least for now. So it’ll be just me. Thank you for your support, and I’ll be back to support your page as well as everyone else on here. I miss this community.

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