This Is Chicago

Some say beauty is subjective. But there is some beauty that is undeniable. As in, you know, and I know, that shit is dope, undeniable. 

Whether from the view of an airplane window, or cruising Lake Shore Drive. Walking the lakefront, or even biking it. Whether you travel one of the 129 bus routes, or the 8 train lines spanning 224 miles, on the famous L. 

NorthSide, WestSide, SouthSide. Irrefutable beauty.

Today there was a exceptionally beautiful sunset. The sky transitioned from a cloudless blue hue, to Creamsicle with streaks of magenta. The deep purple clouds acted as hurdles for the sun, as it reemerged to let off  it’s last glows, before setting over the WestSide of the city. When dusk hit, the sky was clear. The famed buildings of America’s third largest city gave off an illusion as if they were isolated from the very asphalt on which they sat. 

 A view such as today’s tends to flood the brain with feelings of inspiration. These type of visuals can even make one forget about the corruption, and violence that plague this town.

Frankly, there is an everlasting love-hate relationship with this beautiful, yet violent place. It’s a city with everything a man can think of to indulge himself in, yet filled of strife, marred with the political tumultuousness of a third world country.

If New York is a concrete jungle, Chicago is a concrete contradiction. On one hand, Chicago is a place of underrated charm, elegance and exuberance. On the other, it’s place where you need to keep your head on a swivel. A tale of two cities is cliche, but it’s a place where people ignore the violence, that is — until they fall victim. In all actuality, Chicago is a place where people truly want to live. Maybe it’s the history that instills the pride, or maybe it’s the architecture, but there’s a reason 2.7 million people stay here. It’s also a place people flee regularly. It’s all about perspective. Some stay longer than others. Perhaps until they find a place comparable — with less violence of course — but it’s hard to find. From food to amenities, this is a special place. On the flip side, maybe, just maybe, the unknown is scarier than this asylum of a city we live in. It feels like what you would imagine living in real life Gotham would be like; without the crime fighting hero who saves the day. 

If one plans on making it here, you must adapt. That’s right. You must adapt, die or move. Those are your three options here. There isn’t much room for any grey area, or wiggle room. This is Chicago.



  1. That last part was golden. Most people move to a new place trying to make it like their old place. Adapt, move or die….couldn’t have said it better. Thanx Dave😁


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