What to Watch Tonight

It’s Friday. Which means the work week is over (for most), and you may be looking to chill for the night. If you are then most likely you’re looking for something to watch. In which case you’re in luck. I got you. Now keep in mind these will mostly be movies and shows with rewatch value. Why? Because they don’t make anything like they use to.

10. The Other Guys (Netflix)

Yes it’s a couple of years old, and yes I’m starting with a comedy. Let’s start the night in a good mood shall we? Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell star as cops attempting to make a name for themselves. Actually it’s more so Wahlberg’s character. Will Ferrell’s character is content at his nice, safe desk. It’s a little slap stick at times, but honestly it’s well written humor. You can’t go wrong even if you use the film as a, “I can’t find anything to watch” movie.

9. Flight (Netflix)

Now if you are craving dramatics, suspense, something with a serious tone, here you go. The great Denzel Washington plays a pilot who like to indulge in a little nose candy and booze from time to time. You can guess where this movie is headed after that. A little over the top as far as scenarios go, but it’s a Denzel movie.

8. The Golden Girls (Hulu)

Yes, The Golden Girls. I said it. Not only does this show have the best theme song of ALL TIME, but it’s worth binge watching. Classic comedy, and I mean classic. When I was a kid, I watched here and there, but earlier this year, my wife and I found ourselves binge watching every day when I got off work until we finished every episode of every season. Took a week or so if you were wondering. So, if you want good classic content, log in, sign up, or borrow somebody’s password.

7. 227 (Hulu)

Speaking of classic binge watching. When the Golden Girls were done, guess what fulfilled the binge void? You guessed it: Mary, Lester, Brenda, Pearl, and of course Sandra Clark. If you binge watch classic tv on a Friday night, you know you’re going to continue on Saturday morning right? Then Sunday. Then after work, much like I ended up doing. It’s refreshing to hear comedy from an era when you wrote to be funny and not woke.

6. Bill Burr Live at Red Rocks (Netflix)

If you don’t like your comedians telling the truth and not bowing down to woke mobs then you should probably tune away from me too. Thank you for clicking my website though. It counts as a view. Now, Bill Burr is never not funny, and this special didn’t disappoint. From beginning to end it was hilarious. I feel as though he’s already reached legendary status, and this was another strong showing for his Hall of Fame resume.

5. GoodFellas (Netflix)

You already know what it is. The theme of this seems to be more so Top 10 classics, no? This movie will probably be our Saturday morning, procrastinate from going to the laundromat movie. It’s easy to become captivated and loose track of time with his one. Then walk around feeling like we’re in the mob.

4. Pablo Escobar (Netflix)

Now I’ll say this; whoever wrote this did a masterful job at humanizing Pablo. I know, I know, they had to show some of the ugly stuff, and make American CIA agents look like some kind of heroes, but all in all I understood him. Starting out he was just trying to make some money, but we all know what money does to a person. It was a well put together show if you ask me, and since you’re here reading this, I’ll take that as you are asking me.

3. Spider-Man: No Way Home (Starz, Amazon Prime, Youtube)

I haven’t seen this yet, and I want to. Every time I researched when this title was coming to streaming services, Netflix would pop up with a coming soon label, but all of a sudden it’s on Starz. And for that I can’t put it any higher than 3. I’ll watch this one day. If you do so before me, tell me your thoughts below.

2. Concrete Cowboy (Netflix)

Staring Idris Elba and Caleb McLaughlin, and the city of Philadelphia. I put Philly in there because it serves as an incredible back drop for a movie about trying to connect with your estranged father who is essentially an urban cowboy. Calebs’s character is also navigating how to become a young man, all while juggling a tumultuous upbringing. It has drama, comedy, tragedy, and it’s a pretty good pick for your Friday night.

  1. Snowfall (Hulu)

Yes I know. Who wants to relive the crack era. This is too well written, and shows how things got out so out of control from various angles, it’s hard to turn away. You have the people who indulged in urban capitalism, you have the people who thought it was a party drug, you have those who had to watch their middle class black neighborhoods turn into zombie land. And of course, the American Governments involvement. Great show, and worth binging or watching in doses, you know, in case you have to digest small bits at a time due to flashbacks or schedule.

This concludes my list. Thank you for giving it a chance. Tell me what you ended up watching down below. Have a great weekend.



  1. Love these suggestions, especially the Golden Girls and 227 as those are classics. For anyone on the fence with regard to a drama that will have you HOOKED…..Snowfall is IT. The writing was by far the best in the last decade or so. Just when you think you’ve figured out the pattern…TWIST! Thanx Dave!


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